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Mill Worker B eer drinkers might be in a confused state of choice when it comes to their brews in autumn. In Tulare County, it is not as if it is cold enough to want a dark stout, but it is not really warm enough to go with a particularly light beer like a blonde. But something just right and in the middle is the Planing Mill in Visalia. Bringing on more taps to go with their new location at 778 E. Center, they give beer drinkers a nice selection of craft brews to satisfy the palate. One of the beers that is just right for autumn is the Mill Worker Session IPA from e Dudes' Brewing Company out of Torrance, Calif. e Dudes' Brewing Company brewed the Mill Worker Session IPA just for the Planing Mill, and according to owner Tim Lewis, it is one of his favorites. "It's a west coast style with a nice hop kick to it and you can drink two or three of them and your palate won't be fried," Lewis said. And while some IPAs can have a heavier taste on the front of the palate or on the back leaving a definitive aftertaste, the Mill Worker Session IPA has an even level of flavor with each drink. Because it is not an over-hopped IPA, it is a beer that is friendly to new craft beer drinkers as they hang out with a group of friends. But Mill Worker is not the only attraction to the Planing Mill. ere is plenty to satisfy the craft beer drinker when it comes to pizza as well. e Planing Mill strikes a nice balance of bar and restaurant that doesn't turn away families who want to indulge in a heavy slice or those who want to throw down a brew while watching the game. Other house brews worth giving a chance from the Dude's Brewing Company is the Planing Mill Pale Ale, Caske Pilsner and the Mill Creek Belgian Wit. And with winter only a couple of months away, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to head on down and take in the Session for the season. The Pl aning Se ssion I PA Text and Photography by paul myers A U T U M N 2 017 S E A S O N S M A G A Z I N E 5

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