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T he cost of a gift is not the measure we use to tell how much someone truly likes us. Well, perhaps that's the way kids tend to see it, but as adults we understand that what we truly need can't be gifted to us. Because if it could, we would be asking for someone to pay off the mortgage, take care of that pesky student loan debt or perhaps pay for that add-on to the house we've been trying to save up for. Instead, we take solace in the simple things. It's a true pleasure when a friend finds that bottle of wine you mentioned at the last get-together, or per- haps when your wife picks up a trinket on a whim that ends up becoming a fixture of your home for decades. What those items usually have in common is that they are uniquely made. ey didn't come from a corporate assembly line where an employee who punches a clock works hard to put widget A into box B. Rather, they are carefully planned and crafted to fit their customers' tastes. Before the buyer knows it, the gift they bought becomes a lasting memory long after Christmas has been packed away. It is those gifts that Holiday Magazine lives to highlight. Where national media campaigns meticulously study piles of data to figure out just how to make you want to buy their product, the folks who work tirelessly to bring their gifts to you do so out of their manifested passions. Merryman Station was once a place where people would jump off the train before heading into town. Now, thanks to Amanda omas, it is a venue people can rent for a special occasion, and a gift shop where locals can sell their hand-crafted products. e likes of Twice Upon a Time have reached across the country to bring an idea back home, predicated on the altruism of others. e point is that right here in Tulare County, people are fulfilling their dreams by working outside of the corporate monotony to craft something characteristic of our collective home to shoppers for the holidays. So as you turn through the pages letting the feeling of the paper brush against your fingertips, take a few minutes to read about the people, shops and products that are right in your own backyard. And perhaps, if you find the time to mosey on over to that store during your holiday shopping trips, pick something up that would be just right for that special someone this holiday. Message Fr om t he S taf f a 2 017 H O L I D AY M A G A Z I N E 3

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