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bellishes onto fabrics, a huge hit with parents. "It's like a canvass and my background is in art," Wilson said. "e thing about my clothes is that they aren't your typical baby stuff. You can't get them just anywhere." Locally, the only place people can buy her clothes is either online, in her store or in Fresno, Redondo Beach, Modesto or Chico. en, there is also Dallas and Las Vegas where some stores have chosen to pick up her line. Wilson said that it is a nice feeling to have someone wearing the clothes she makes because of all the work she puts into their design. In fact, she'll be tagged on Instagram from one of the stores that sells her clothes when someone buys or is photo- graphed wearing a part of her line. "I love babies and I love seeing babies in some of the clothes that I've made," Wilson said. It is her love of children that actually started the business for her. She used to make clothes for her grandchildren before she started to do it com- mercially. Now, three years after selling Envie, she is right in the thick of making her business work. Also, she is taking her design one step further by inviting people to her headband-making classes. In her store, Wilson managed to carve out a small space filled with flowers, ribbons and tools. She noticed that the new moms coming into the store were looking for headbands more than any- thing else. With her new space, Wilson can let customers customize their own headbands with her there to guide them along. She noted that one new mom came into the store recently look- ing for headbands for her twins. Wilson suspected the headbands may have been strategically used to allow others to tell the infants apart. Wilson said, as well, that customizing them is also a way for moms to mix and match colors that would go along with some of the bloomers that Wilson sells in the store. Christmas pictures have been a main way of seeing how one family grows over time. And while any old thing might do for adults and teens, parents only have a little while before their new- born has grown out of those cute dresses, booties and headbands. Perhaps if moms are looking for something unique, they need to shop at some place unique and local, like Oh Baby Couture. Janice Wilson toys with contrasting colors for possible headband ideas in her Porterville store. 32 M I N E R A L K I N G P U B L I S H I N G , I N C . F S G N E W S . C O M

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