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Twice A round the holidays, giving is just as important as getting. And for parents with a few kids, they have plenty to give and get when it comes to clothes. e old hand-me- downs are sometimes too handed down by the time they get to the third kid. Other times, the clothes that fit a kid one year are completely too small the next. Worse yet, the amount of money parents have spent on new wardrobes has gone through the roof. So what do parents do with all the clothes they have left over? More importantly, how do they buy clothes for a couple of kids that grow out of them faster than parents can save up for the next set? Well, one shop in Visalia gives parents the opportunity to donate, sell and buy clothes affordably. Twice Upon a Time is a place that takes gently used clothes for kids, teenagers and young adults, and they will even pay customers for them. District manager Shannon Radabaugh (featured in this photo) works there with her husband and her own three kids. She says they'll cut cus- tomers a check right then and there for the clothes that are in good shape and can be recycled (resold). "We're trying to help everyone without having to pay full retail," Radabaugh said. "You don't have to do yard sales and we are all about convenience for our busy parents." Radabaugh said that customers can also trade in their clothes for store credit plus 25%. e added 25% has been a great deal for her repeat customers who shop there often. And there isn't much of a reason for customers not to come back. Radabaugh said that Twice Upon a Time offers name brand clothes at anywhere between 40% and 80% below full retail costs. She added as well that there is no shortage of business this time of the year. Parents are not necessarily trying to find a gift for their kids when they shop at Twice Upon a Time for the holi- days, sometimes it is just to find something warm to wear without having to pay an arm and a leg. "We definitely get busier during [November and De- cember] when it is cold and for the holidays," Radabaugh said. Visal ia Shop p ers Ge t Gif ts As Nic e Text and Photography by paul myers

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