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Tulare CounTy FooTball Preview 3 ABOUT THE COVER STONE COLD DEFENSE Tulare County's top linebackers are ready for a hard hitting 2017 season. STone Cold deFenSe This year's Tulare County Football Preview cover has a rather interesting back story. When we came up with the "Stone Cold De- fense" theme back in February, we knew we wanted hard hitting and technically sound linebackers as our cover models. The hard part was everything else. Because we print the magazine in August, we take all the cover photos and inside cover story photos around that time. And this year we did it in June which, as you might know, is a difficult time of year to find some place cold. And once we thought we had the perfect setting at a cold storage facility on the out- skirts of Exeter, the Mineral King Publishing staff took a sigh of relief. But one day before the shoot was supposed to happen, our venue was no longer available. And without an icy cold place for the shoot, the entire theme was in jeopardy. It was hard enough to find one place in this triple-digit heat of summer; it was assuredly impossible to find two. But thankfully, Exeter Meats at 140 E Palm St, in Exeter, just down the alley from the Mineral King Publishing offices, was gracious enough to let us use their flash freezer on a single day's notice. Owner Richard Anderson and his staff let our photographer, editor, publisher and three out-of-place linebackers use his facility after hours to save this cover, and everyone truly appreciates their gracious and timely help. Once in the subzero freezer, linebackers Alejandro Lineras (left), Andrew Ruelas (center) and Josh Summers (right) were sprayed in the face with water for the better part of an hour while being asked to move this way, shift that way, and look mean. And like the well disciplined linebackers they are, they carried out every instruction the best they could. At the end of the shoot, they weren't allowed to see a single photo until the July 26 cover unveiling. After some post production magic, along with their menacing stance and faces, we were able to illustrate what Stone Cold Defense really looks like.

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