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28 Tulare CounTy FooTball Preview 2017 SCHeDule MiSSion oak HawkS East YOsEMItE LEaGUE PLaY oCTober 5 oCTober 13 oCTober 20 oCTober 27 noveMber 3 Porterville Monache Tulare Western Tulare Union Delano HOME GAME DaTe oPPonenT MaSCoT TiMe Aug 24 DinubA EmpErors 7:30 pm sEpT 1 AT mADErA CoyoTEs 7:30 pm sEpT 8 AT bAkErsfiElD ChrisT. EAglEs 7:30 pm sEpT 15 mT. WhiTnEy pionEErs 7:30 pm sEpT 21 fronTiEr TiTAns 7:30 pm oCT 5 AT porTErvillE pAnThErs 7:00 pm oCT 13 AT monAChE mArAuDErs 7:15 pm oCT 20 TulArE WEsTErn musTAngs 7:30 pm oCT 27 AT TulArE union TribE 7:00 pm nov 3 AT DElAno TigErs 7:30 pm 3 LEaGUE PREDICtION: Season Predictions for the Hawks QuarTerbaCk matt bridges will make his varsity debut for the hawks this year. At 6 feet, 1 inch and 160 pounds, bridges started six games and threw for 540 yards and two touchdowns last season as a sophomore. And this year bridges' ability to get the ball out quickly has improved. in order to give bridges some extra protection, the hawks might add another back to their shotgun formation. running baCk anD wiDe reCeiver bobby mascorro returns this season and will line up for most of the snaps in the back field for the hawks. Described as a fast and shifty runner, mascorro ran for 38 yards last season before getting injured. Despite being 5 feet, 5 inches, his biggest attribute is his actually height, as he can hide from de- fenses behind his line. And that should play a crucial role in the hawks zone running scheme that could spring mascorro up field at a moment's notice. oFFenSive line The hawks return three out of their five starting linemen including right tackle mason smith, center broc Cardoza and right tackle Johnmark vanderpoel. At 6 feet, 3 inches and 200 pounds, vanderpoel should be the anchor of this group come game day. The coaching staff has a couple of players in mind to fill the two guard spots, but have yet to make a decision. linebaCker The hawks' biggest move on the defensive side of the ball could be the switch of seth logan from defensive end to middle linebacker. At 6 feet, 2 inches and 205 pounds, logan has the speed and vision to be able to cover both the "A" gaps on either side of the center. if the switch is made, the coaching staff plans to stick with logan through the transi- tion period, rather than pulling him. CornerbaCk anD SaFeTy With all four players returning, the most seasoned part of the hawks' defense will be their secondary. David Campbell and Edward Aderhold will be at the corner positions. Aderhold, at 5 feet, 11 inches and 160 pounds, will be the leader for this group coming off a 20-tackle year with seven pass deflections and an interception. The safeties will be bobby mascorro and CJ Arzolla. According to the coaching staff, the expectations for success from this group can not be overstressed. DeFenSive line if logan is moved to the linebacker position, that will leave Chris Jones and Evan Caetano on the ends. Jones, at 6 feet, 214 pounds, is a true edge rusher. As of right now, there are four players who are being rotated at the interior defensive tackle spots. As of early August, it was anyone's guess who would be lining up inside, but flores will likely have the position settled come game one. Offense Defense Players to Watch Head Coach bobby MaSCorro running back sETh logan linebacker/Wide receiver DAviD FloreS 2nD SEASOn ovErAll rECorD 3-7 posTsEAson rECorD 0-0 lEAguE TiTlEs 0 vAllEy TiTlEs 0 kEn WEisEnbErgEr kEn WEisEnbErgEr

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