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FOOD & DRINK 3 PLATES Spago Benedict Wolfgang Puck can make anything feel fancy, and his approach to Eggs Benedict is no different. The maestro switches up the game with a duo of crispy three-bite latkes instead of the standard open- faced English muffin, then tops 'em with smoked salmon, poached eggs and a creamy white wine-based Meyer lemon béarnaise. The result is the best of two smoky, salty worlds, with a delicate crunch from the golden-brown potato pancake base. Hurry into Spago to enjoy it—the iconic restaurant will close January 27 before moving over to Bellagio this summer. Forum Shops, 702-369-6300. SeRVed'S coRned Beef BRead pudding Benedict This Henderson brunch spot offers eight(!) different variations of the Benedict, and the CBBP stands out as the most indulgent, over-the- top, must-order dish on the list. Two dense and crispy cubes of slightly sweet but oh-so-savory marbled rye "bread pudding" serve as the plate's foundation, topped with tangy house-made corned beef, potatoes, poached eggs, Hollandaise and green onions. One warning: This baby is huge. Split an order with a friend, or prepare to take half to go. 1770 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, 702-263-0136. If there's one breakfast dish I could order for the rest of my life, it's Eggs Benedict. Clas- sic and comforting, it's the perfect combina- tion of simple ingredients: poached eggs, Canadian bacon and creamy Hollandaise piled atop a buttered, toasty English muffin. While the origins of this traditional NYC breakfast are muddled (the stories all lead back to guys named Benedict), there are new and outrageous takes on the standard emerging all the time. When the classic ver- sion won't do, consider one of these spots for a second-wave Benny that's sure to make your list of morning must-haves. B y L e s L i e V e n t u r a theSe eggS Benedict diSheS might change youR life 64 0 1 . 1 1 . 1 8 l a s v e g a s w e e k ly

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