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B y J a s o n H a r r i s What do you think of the state of comedy right now, with performers tiptoeing around certain issues? I just know that PC has no place in comedy. I think people have lost their sense of humor. I'm not going to get into that. If it's good then the comedy ecosystem will take care of it; if it's not good then the comedy ecosystem will take care of it. Did your accident change the way you go about comedy? No. It was an accident. It happened. My funny ain't change. Did it take you some time to feel comfortable onstage again? If you have a bad accident, once you take a bump on the head like that, yeah, it's gonna take time to get your timing back, your comedy instincts back. But I got my footing back. I'm good. Do you think Vegas is different from other com- edy markets? No. People laugh the same in Vegas as they do in New York or New Jersey. They're human beings. Funny is funny. I'm not a rookie. I ain't a beginner. I got a star on the Walk of Hollywood. I've been doing this stuff for 27 years. Tell me about your new TBS show, The Last O.G. There's nothing like it on TV. It's not a black show. It's a human show. It's about second chances. It's about redemption. And it's the truth. No matter who you are, you can relate or identify with it. Me and Jordan Peele sat down and came up with it. We hope everyone likes it. Are there things you miss about SNL? I miss it all. It was home. It was daddy's house. But then you gotta leave daddy's house. You can't stay there. Will we ever see some of your more famous SNL characters like Brian Fellow or Astronaut Jones in other forms? No. I got so much more in me. I did it already, why would I want to mess with that? For you? That's self- ish of you. Don't want you to see more? I got so much more to offer, man. Has your persona changed as you've aged? Of course. I'm 49. You go through things. I got hit by a damn truck. I lost my friend [comic James McNair]. I went through hell, but I didn't come back empty-handed. More love. More knowledge. More wisdom. More understanding. All of that. I put that into my act. How much of what you do onstage now is work- ing it out in the moment versus written material? Like 40 or 50 percent. Up until the time they say, "Please welcome to the stage Tracy Morgan," I'm keeping my eyes and ears open. I'm keep- ing my antennas up. Anything could happen. I could trip getting up onto the stage. That's funny. I'd be able to talk about that for 20 minutes. What other projects are you working on? I won't talk about things in the future, because with my luck I might get hit by an Amazon truck this time. I don't know. I gotta lean back and just take one day at a time, brother. I'm living each day now. We gotta slow down and take it one day at a time now. For more of our interview with Morgan, visit Solid footing Tracy Morgan Talks recovery, new Tv show and keeping his anTenna up Tracy Morgan January 12, 9 p.m., $50- $110. The Joint, 702- 693-5222. Morgan returns to town on January 12. (Casey Curry/AP) 62 WEEKLY | 01.11.18 C O M E DY

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