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November, 2017

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By Catherine Jozwik Special to Waukesha County Home For the third consecutive year, Chica- go, has been named "America's Rattiest City" on a list published by national pest control company Orkin, highlighting a rodent problem that all homeowners can heed. At No. 21, Milwaukee finished between Houston (20) and Pittsburgh (22). As winter approaches and tempera- tures drop, rodents often take shelter in homes due to warmth and a steady food supply. Although they can appear cute and harmless on the surface, mice, rats and larger rodents such as squirrels can create many problems for homeowners. Rodents in homes pose health and san- itation risks. Dave Kusnierek, district manager of Batzner Pest Control in New Berlin, said a single mouse can leave behind some 75 droppings in a single night, and about 3,000 micro-droplets of urine. "Many clients believe they have a rodent infestation when, in reality, the excrement is all caused by a single one," he said. Mice, through their excrement, can transmit the fatal hantavirus to humans, although cases are quite rare. Small rodents can easily fit through gaps as small as a quarter, and often chew on wood, fiberglass and electrical wires, creating fire hazards and perma- nent damage to home foundations. Since he started his business in 1985, Jerry Wiorek, owner of Jerry's Pest Con- trol in Bay View, has encountered some extreme and unusual rodent habitats, including a group of more than 20 mice C O N T E N T S Start with a pro when it comes to your chimney Protecting your plants for the winter ahead A project to tackle late in autumn Home cleaning do's and don'ts A publication of the Waukesha Freeman and Oconomowoc Enterprise • NOVEMBER 2017 Pests pose health problems Photo courtesy of Dave Kusnierek/Batzner Pest Control See RODENTS/Page 2 253527008 253527008 How to keep rodents from moving in and how to get them out Mice and other rodents can make their way into your house through fairly small holes and cracks.

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