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November 2017

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Mailed from Sterling, Ill. INL ANDER T H E Stay engaged. Find solutions. Move forward. The complete list of winners and finalists SOUTHERN LITHOPLATE/INLAND PRINT QUALITY COMPETITION: PAGE 7 NOVEMBER 2017 VOL. 31, NO. 11 A MUST-ATTEND EVENT AND COMMITTEES HARD AT WORK If you haven't registered to attend the December 6-7 Executive Voices program in Chicago, please do so...regis- tration is "capped" at 60 attendees! As of this writing, we have already received over 40 registrations and fully expect to "sell out" the event. Executive Voices is an absolute must- attend event and will likely be the most important and relevant news- paper industry conversation you will par ticipate and share in as you prepare for calendar year 2018. We have secured several commit- ments from some of the best and brightest in the newspaper industry to lead and facilitate discussions. Facilitators and session leaders currently include Terry Kroeger, BH Media; P.J. Browning, Evening Post Industries; Amy Glennon, Cox Media Group; and Jeremy Gilbert, Washington Post, among others. Executive Voices will address numerous pressing and important topics including, but no limited to: paywalls; publishing frequency ("If not daily, then how often?"); new revenue models and ideas; the future of content and engaging audiences; digital media; culture; "weathering the storm"; and of course, will feature many valuable networking oppor- tunities with your Inland friends and industry peers. So, please "grab your seat at the table" and register today because seats are filling up fast!!! I look forward to seeing everyone in Chicago in early December and I would be remiss if I didn't thank and recognize Camille Olson and our long-time friends and A PROGRAM ON TRACK WITH THREE TRACKS BY MARK FITZGERALD In its eighth year, the Key Execu- tives Mega-Conference has grown so big and become such an important industry event that its program can't be confined to one track. Attendees at the 2018 conference— and there are expected to be some 700 to 900—will find a three-track program when it kicks off in San Diego Feb. 26. The three concurrent tracks will offer actionable information focusing on the best and most current ways to grow revenue, expand audiences—and identify new business opportunities. Preliminary topics in each track include: Building Value in Our Core Brands Now • Maximizing Value with Local Dis- play – Cross Platform Solutions • Programmatic Monetization Best Practices • Preprint and Other Non-ROP and Print Opportunities • Vertical Best Practices • Audience and Revenue Best Practices • Growing Reader Revenue • User Experience and Personalization Transformation – Creating New Opportunities from Disruption • Data and Its Impact on Our Business • Effective Use of Third-Party Platforms and Tools • The New Kid on the Block– Next- door: Partnering to Grow Audience MEGA, CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 EXECUTIVE VOICES 'VOICES' WEIGHING IN ON THE INDUSTRY'S MOST URGENT TOPICS Think of Executive Vo i c e s, c o nve n i n g December 6 and 7 in Chicago, as a brain- storming session— super-sized. Executive Voices is no ordinary industry conference. In fact, it's not really a conference at all with the usual plenary sessions, PowerPoint presentations and prepared speeches. Instead, it's a gathering of the industry's most involved executives—limited to just 60 participants—taking on the issues that have posed the most challenges and oppor- tunities in this utterly changed media environment. The intense discussions ignited during Executive Voices will be led by the industry's best thinkers and doers, including PJ Browning, president of Evening Post Indus- tries' newspaper division; Jeremy Gilbert, director of stra- tegic initiatives for The Washington Post; Amy Glennon, publisher, vertical businesses for Cox Media Group; and Terry Kroeger, president and CEO of BH Media Group. Invitations to two other facilitators are pending. They've set an agenda that will resonate with any news- paper executive charged with expanding revenue and audience while navigating a constantly morphing media landscape. Topics include: • Paywalls. How is it that deep into the digital era paywalls remain an unsolved issue? What's working, what's not—and what will work? • Print frequency. Is it time to take the daily out of dailies? How will we know? • New revenue streams. This will be a deep dive into search for new and sustainable revenue sources. • Content. What do our audiences want, and what should we provide—in what kinds of presentations? • Digital media. Again, why, deep into the digital era, does digital not pull its weight in revenue generation? What will kick-start digital production? • Culture. How do we recruit and retain the best of the best— especially young talent? • Weathering the storm. How do we turn around this utterly false perception that the newspaper industry has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel? This groundbreaking gathering of top executives—being held in the offices of Seyfarth Shaw LLP in the downtown Chicago skyscraper Willis Tower—is surprisingly affordable: $169 includes all discussions, an opening reception, lunch and dinner at one of Chicago's best northern Italian restaurants. The limited seats at Executive Voices are filling up fast. Register online at or by contacting Inland's Manager of Research and Member Services, Karla Zander, at (847) 795-0380 or REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT TOM YUNT YUNT, CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

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