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e m e r g e I N D U S T R Y W E E K L Y | S E P T E M B E R 7 - 1 3 , 2 0 1 7 A rrow de Wilde was the coolest person at her high school. She didn't earn that title for her startling popularity or for pulling a meticulous prank that went viral. She's the charismatic frontwoman of Starcrawler—an LA-based glam-punk quartet that has received praise from My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, Beats 1 Radio host Zane Lowe and Sir Elton John. That was before de Wilde graduated in June, but the most impres- sive part of this story: Starcrawler did it without even releasing an album. Several factors have contributed to the group's rapid ascent, but one can boil it down to the music, and how it's inter- preted in a live setting. Starcrawler's sun-soaked rock 'n' roll rests in the middle ground between extremely raun- chy and fairly accessible. The group's fuzzy single "Ants" thrives in its playful syncopation and stylish swagger. The B-side, "Used to Know," is equal parts Joan Jett groove and X swing. In live per- formances, the band takes on a di erent persona with de Wilde at the helm. Her performances often consist of fake blood and erratic maneuvers, Iggy Pop-style, that have garnered some controversy. "People get so shocked and scared at our shows. I didn't know that was still pos- sible," de Wilde told LA Weekly. "They get angry. I like it." Starcrawler recently nished its debut album, set for release on Rough Trade Records next year. The project was pro- duced by fabled singer-songwriter Ryan Adams, who, according to de Wilde, essentially played the sixth member of the band. "He's super-energetic, and he likes throwing these crazy ideas around. It ends up being a lot of fun." For now, the only way to get a taste of the new material is by seeing the band live. Starcrawler will hit the road this fall, which includes a date at November's Emerge Music + Impact Conference in Las Vegas. –Ian Caramanzana Emerge Music + Impact Conference on the Las Vegas Strip, November 16-18. Tickets available now at G L A M - P U N K B A N D S T A R C R A W L E R S T A N D S O N T H E V E R G E S T E L L A R A S C E N T In this weekly series, we spotlight the performers and other participants who will combine for November's Emerge Music + Impact Conference in Las Vegas. P H O T O G R A P H B Y A U T U M N D E W I L D E

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