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April 2017

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Mailed from Sterling, Ill. Inform Post Office if it arrives after April 15 April 2017 | Vol. 31, No. 4 INL ANDER THE Stay engaged. Find solutions. Move forward. Money is the root of all sessions By Mark Fitzgerald T h e r e 's t h e r e a l e s t a t e t a b l o i d t h e Albuquerque Journal launched that's on track to bring in $451,000 in new revenue this year. There are the sales campaigns by Shaw Media's suburban newspapers and the Royal Gazette in Bermuda that pushed to over $1 million the new revenue The Blinder Group clients generated in just the first 10 weeks of 2017. And there's the OTT news and entertain- ment video that Calkins Digital Media is sell- ing at low prices that add up to a potential $4.1 million annually in, yes, new revenue. THE Revenue Conference is all about showing new ways to generate new revenue at newspapers, co-sponsors Inland and The Blinder Group emphasize. Every session at the Austin, Texas, gather- ing on April 26 and 27 is centered around actual newspapers that have figured out how to generate new revenue from any number of platforms—including print. For example, Matt Coen of Second Street, familiar to readers of The Inlander for his monthly reports on the power of promotions, will present on the latest—and easily imple- mented—success stories from newspapers and broadcast outlets, with specific revenue gains tied to real-life campaigns. He'll show what steps newspapers can take to use online promotions not only for growing digital reve- nue and engagement, but also driving print revenue. This laser focus on revenue also embraces APRIL 26 & 27, 2017 | AUSTIN, TEXAS THE Revenue Conference By Mark Fitzgerald I n l a n d P r e s s Association is part- n e r i n g w i t h t h e N e w s M e d i a A l l i a n c e , L o c a l Media Consortium and the International C o n s o r t i u m o f Investigative Journalists in Support Real News, a national campaign to combat the proliferation of fake news—and bolster the strength of trusted news organizations. Support Real News aims to publicize the real harm fake news inflicts on the public, and to demonstrate the importance of real news produced by trusted news organiza- tions and their investigative journalists. Initiated by NMA, the campaign calls on the public to support real news by taking such actions as subscribing to a local news- paper and supporting investigative journal- ism by donating to the ICIJ. Inland Press Association President Doug Hiemstra urged Inland members to get on board the campaign. "We wanted to show our support for this important initiative and encourage our members to participate," said Hiemstra, executive vice president of BH Media Group. "The more news organiza- tions participate, the greater impact we can have." NMA President and CEO David Chavern similarly urged its members to participate— and said the campaign is important for its members. "As the association that represents the news media industry, fighting fake news is one of the most important things the News Media Alliance can do for our members right now. Our campaign raises awareness of the damage that can be and is being caused by REVENUE CONTINUED ON PAGE 8 Supporting Support Real News The Support Real News campaign includes a variety of resources newspapers can access for free at the NMA website ( supportrealnews/) Among the available material: • Two full-color ads in print and digital formats • Web banners and digital cube versions of Support Real News ads • Videos produced by the News Media Association and newspapers including The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times • Infographic on the three S's of fake news (Stop, Search, Subscribe) • Social media graphics, including a Support Real News Twitter profile badge. • Blog posts and op-ed pieces from NMA President ad CEO David Chavern and news- papers around the country. Inland joins campaign to combat fake news plague The more news organizations participate, the greater impact we can have. Inland Press Association President Doug Hiemstra N A13 THE NEW YORK TIMES, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29, 2017 REAL CONTINUED ON PAGE 13 For the March 29 launch of Support Real News, many newspapers across the country, including The New York Times (left), published this ad urging people to subscribe to a local newspaper.

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