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December, 2016

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Mailed from Sterling, Ill. Inform Post Office if it arrives after December 15 December 2016 | Vol. 30, No. 12 INL ANDER T H E Stay engaged. Find solutions. Move forward. T here's nothing virtual about Driving Digital Revenue's program. Instead, the agenda for the two- day conference at the offices of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution cen- ters not on the potential revenue opportunities in the digital space— but actual, real-life achievements in platforms ranging from video to agency services and mobile to sales strategies that are working for old school reps. Consider, for instance, the Wednesday, Jan. 25, session on data that will be led by Arvid Tchivzhel, director of Mather Economics LLC and Nikhil Hunshikatti, the vice president, marketing for Dispatch Media Group, publisher of 26 newspapers including its flagship The Columbus Dispatch. Big Data discussions can easily become entirely academic, specu- lating on the power of information newspapers may not know they are even generating—but never speci- fying what to do with the data. This Driving Digital Revenue session, on the other hand, will focus on strategies to grow revenue from both subscriptions and advertising that publishers large and small are employing right now to benefit from data collection. Similarly, when Brad Boggs, the senior director of interactive sales for Informed Interactive and The Post and Courier in Charleston, S.C., leads a session on native ad- vertising, there'll be no crystal ball gazing about what sponsored con- tent could do for a paper. What Boggs will talk about is exactly what the newspaper has done to generate $300,000 in revenue from native this year—and why the pa- per is budgeting for a 20% increase in revenue in 2017. Take another hot topic that many newspapers are wrestling with: set- ting up a digital marketing services agency or operation. At Driving Digital Revenue, the opening ses- sion on Thursday, Jan. 26, lays out the conference's real-life theme in its very title, A Comprehensive Ses- sion On The Different Approaches To Digital Marketing Services. Drawing from their experiences, Kiesha Doss of WEHCO Digital Media and Micah Beatty of Cox Media Group, will walk attendees through the pros and cons of offer- ing these services to advertisers, the PHOTO: MARY BETH NOLAN New Inland Press Association President Doug Hiemstra of BH Media Group, left, is congratulated by outgoing President Mike Gugliotto of Pioneer News Group, who becomes association chairman. The first word in the theme for the 2017 Key Executives Mega-Conference is "inno- vation." The last word in innovation may well be claimed by the winner of the second annual Mega-Inno- vation Award on February 24 in Or- lando. A t t h e M e g a - Conference with the theme "Innovation & I n s i g h t : T h e Business of Publishing News," co-sponsors, Inland Press Association, Local Media As- sociation and Southern Newspaper Publish- ers Association—are honoring innovation in media with the Mega-Innovation Award. The first Mega-Innovation Award was a three-day-a-week, 12,000-circulation paper in a town north of Atlanta. Publisher Vince Johnson described the Forsyth County News as "a hundred year-old newspaper, but really we're brand new." The newspaper was in very good company: The award finalists were Calkins Media for its extensive OTT initiative, The Oklahoman for its effort to embed a culture of innovation throughout the organization, and A.H. Belo's P r o v e n P e r f o r- mance Media pro- gram that demon- strates the effec- tiveness of its print advertising. There is no fee to enter the compe- tition for the Mega-Innovation Award. Mega-Conference organizers suggest newspapers or multi-property media com- pany that can answer yes to any or all of these questions should try for the prize: Four finalists will present at the Mega- Conference on February 24, with the winner announced after the presentations. The deadline for Mega-Innovation Award entries is January 11, 2017. Entry forms—and the complete Mega-Conference program— can be found at Changing of the guard An award honoring innovation, Mega-style Real achievements drive this conference In assembling the Driving Digital Revenue program, co- sponsors Inland and the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association started from the fact that digital revenue is out there to be captured by newspapers. DIGITAL, CONTINUED ON PAGE 7

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