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4 T EC H O N O M Y _ 2017 Techonomy is all about ideas, especially ideas about how technol- o oers new tools to transform and improve the world. We see a planet in dire need of progress, but also innumerable ways that tech can be better leveraged by leaders in all fields, and by anyone, to help humankind move forward. The magazine you have in your hands is something akin to a printed version of the live program at one of our events. Its topics range widely, from how companies can better hire and retain star programmers to how we can all fulfill the idealistic vision that animated the early years of the Web. You'll learn about the block- chain, about how virtual reality is evolving, and hear of a cool Brooklyn incubator called Eyebeam where both tech companies and art are born. Our star genomics writer Meredith Salis- bury explains the vexing complexity of public attitudes towards genetic modification. Several stories explore the impor- tance of the Internet of Things (IoT). Veteran tech journalist Jennifer Schenker explains its many ramifica- tions in finance and banking. You'll read that IoT has a growing role in wine production. And I contribute a piece, co-written with Diane Regas, executive director of the Environmen- tal Defense Fund, about how critical IoT will be in fighting climate change. We delve deep into the opportu- nities and challenges of galloping progress in artificial intelligence (AI). Here we see our Techonomy community in full swing, contribut- ing insights just as at our events. Paul Daugherty, chief technolo ocer at Accenture, explains why his compa- ny is so energized by the possibilities of this evolving set of technologies. Then Vivienne Ming, a neuroscien- tist and herself an AI entrepreneur, writes a short work of fiction that illustrates the potential problems as AI takes over work formerly done by humans. (Both Daugherty and Ming are speakers at Techonomy 2016.) Finally, Jennifer Schenker explains how all this puts us in extremely complex ethical territory. Even as she underscores AI's potential, she quotes an expert as saying "We should not let Silicon Valley be the mission control for humanity." Is that really the risk? Read her piece (page 30) and see what you think. Techonomy Media is a small but devoted crew who care deeply about technolo and its potential. Putting out this magazine at the same time we were planning our flagship annu- al conference, with Mark Zuckerberg as a speaker no less, was all-consum- ing. But we are delighted with the final product, and thrilled to share it with you. DAVID KIRKPATRICK E D I T O R ' S N O T E From the Chief Techonomist The four full-time techonomists in Madison Square Park, around the corner from our New York oces. From left: President Josh Kampel, Co-founder and Program chief Simone Ross, Operations Coordinator Atticus Mulkey, and Chief Techonomist David Kirkpatrick

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