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6 LIVE IT UP! FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016 SANTA CRUZ SENTINEL I magine, suddenly having the time to do more of the things you love and less of the things you don't. Welcome to one of the joys of retiring to a Senior Living Community! Suddenly, you're freed from tedious chores and worrying about costly home repairs and maintenance. And since most Senior Communities offer weekly housekeeping, laundry service and three meals daily, your time is freed up further to do as you choose: make new friends, pursue old or new hobbies or join in on some fun social activities. Now you can do whatever makes you happy. But before you can make that transition you've got to do some homework to ensure that you pick the right community. Here are some ideas to help guide you: Start by asking your family and friends or trusted advisors for recommendations. The internet, local newspapers and publications, as well as senior networks, can provide helpful information. Once you select some communities to check out, call and set up an appointment for a tour. This is a vital part of this process! On the tour you will gather a lot of information, so be sure to take a pen and paper to make notes. It's also very useful to bring a friend or relative with you for support and a second opinion. Talk with the residents that live there. They know better than anyone if it is a good place to live. Are they happy and satisfied? Is the staff friendly? Keep an eye out for how comfortable and clean the facility is. Ask if you can sample the food for quality and taste. Inquire about what activities are offered. Spend as much time as you can on the tour to truly get an impression of what it would be like to live there. Once you narrow down your decision you may want to visit again to confirm your first impression and to make sure the community has all the amenities you are looking for. Does it provide all the services you need: meal preparation, transportation, entertainment, safety, housekeeping, laundry and maintenance? What about the social, cultural and recreational opportunities? If your health changes and you need more care, can they provide it, or at least help you with the critical decision about moving to a facility that may be better suited for you? What about the financial factors? Another important aspect, of course, is financial. Is it a buy-in? Is it month- to-month? Are there up-front entrance fees? What amenities are included in the base price? What you will probably find is that you will spend less per month living in a Senior Living Community that takes care of all of your needs than staying in a home that needs continual maintenance and repairs! Finding the right Senior Community takes a little work, but once you've made the move you can devote most of your time to doing things you really enjoy. It may well be the best time of your life! Cathi Burnham is the marketing manager at Dominican Oaks, an independent senior living community in Santa Cruz. Choosing the Right Senior Living Community By Cathi Burnham, Marketing Manager at Dominican Oaks Dominican Oaks, Gracious Retirement Living, Santa Cruz, CA

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