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22 WHARF TO WHARF SATURDAY | JULY 23, 2016 SANTA CRUZ SENTINEL Wharf to Wharf Race, Inc. BOARD OF DIRECTORS K im East Dan Gruber Brendan Kelly Dave Murphy Mark McConnell Carolyn McKennan Ken Thomas ADVISORY COMMITTEE Rudy Escalante Eie Ray Garcia Tom Honig Mary Maleta-Wright Robb Mayeda Mickey Ording Ward Pitman DIRECTORS EMERITUS Wayne Fontes Nita Lundin Gary McConnell Dick Patterson Wally Walker RACE DIRECTOR EMERITUS K irby Nicol RACE DIRECTOR Scott McConville W hat started out as a few people showing their enthusiasm for the Wharf to Wharf's runners, has grown into one of the world's largest entities of race course entertainment. Known as the "Roadshow", 50 musical entertainers span six miles, providing lively and entertaining music for the runners. Race director Scott McConville, and 12-time Wharf to Wharf runner says,"When the race decided to bring in bands, it got huge. There is lots of inspiration at every turn! It's constant entertainment. There are still bands from the beginning to this day that play in the race." Band members the Noisy Neighbors, good folks who like to jam at their house (hence the name), are one of such bands among the pioneers of Wharf to Wharf's race course. "Since day one," says Brendan Kelly, the coordinator of the Roadshow, "before the Roadshow was what it is today, these people were plugging in their amplifiers in the driveway. The community has such enthusiasm for entertaining." Runners look forward to the plethora of rock and roll, drum beats, and sounds to lift their souls after a tough mile, even classic, accordion music. "The Great Morgani", a long time local favorite, plays classical Italian opera, and builds fantastic costumes for each year's performance. McCon- ville says, "I think anyone who has ever run the race has fond memories of the legendary, the incomparable, Great Morganiā€¦It's always a mystery as to what his costume will be, but it is never short of amazing." Expect to find the Great Morgani on the East Cliff Overlook. Before the Crow's Nest restaurant opens in the morning, veteran supporters and employees bang on pots and pans to wake up and get the runners excited. There is also a band of 40, fun ukulele players, the very enthusiastic Saratoga and Watsonville Japanese Taiko drummers, the Jim Greiner Hands on Drumming Band on the first corner, and California State University San Jose's pep band. At the band stand in Capitola beach, after the runners finish the race and receive their goodie bags, plays the "awesome, end of race, classic rock band Bent Peter", according to Brendan Kelly. Kelly is in his fifth year of running the Roadshow, since it took lightning speed flight 18 years ago. He says, "The biggest thing to me about the Roadshow as far as the race is concerned, is how important it is to the runners, and how special it is to everyone. So much work goes into the race and I'm happy to give back to the community." The Roadshow's sponsors Zelda's On the Beach and Ideal Bar & Grill are also big, long time support- ers and providers to the community. It's clear that the joy received by both the community and runners from all over the world, through Wharf to Wharf's event and most dynamic Roadshow, is worth every rockin' step of the way. What better way to unite a community and the world, than through creativity, music, and exercise. World's Largest Musical Landscape IN 6 MILES courtesy of Wharf to Wharf W2W Staff

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