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August 2015

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ANC recently wrapped up the sales campaign at the Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA) to rave reviews by the paper's retail advertising manager, Jamie Keith. The Appeal-Democrat's "Spotlight" entertainment guide publishes every Thursday and includes TV listings, puzzles, entertainment news and articles on local productions. It's the newspaper's only local entertainment content and reaches nearly 33,000 readers weekly. "Working with Advantage Newspaper Consultants is a great experience. Now in our third year, this partnership has allowed us to produce a product and grow our sales. Pulling in over $207,000 this campaign, which exceeded our goal of $186,000, the efforts given to us by Deborah Apple were outstanding. The focus that Advantage Newspaper Consultants brings to my advertising department, and the two week focus on one product, is hard to come by if done internally. Having Deborah Apple visit for two weeks, and come year-after-year shows our community that we are proud of our product and only trust the best to represent us and the product we produce. Advertisers in our town get to know Deborah and feel confident in her understanding of the product and their business. It is because of this that they renew with us each year. No other outside sales company has brought in the revenue that Advantage Newspaper Consultants has, paired with a sales team that fits in to our landscape. I look forward to seeing this team back in our market next year!" - Jamie Keith, Retail Advertising Manager Advantage News August 2015 Advantage Solutions for Advertising Revenue TV/Entertainment Guide Highlights Local Events AND Brings in Ad Revenue "Spotlight" Enjoys Another Successful Year! Long-Time Clients Enjoy Success & Revenue Year-After-Year The Pueblo Chieftain Exceeds Goal 5 days into 10-day Campaign We love to tell people about "rages-to-riches" success stories. The story of how a new client brings ANC into their newspaper and we help them launch a new TV magazine, or go from breaking even (or losing money on) their existing TV magazine insert to thousands in contracted ad revenue. Generating that type of revenue in a print product with a more mature demographic is something to brag about and proves that ANC really knows how to sell TV magazine ads! Working with new clients is exciting, but we'd be remiss not to mention the clients that have been working with ANC for many years. The Pueblo Chieftain, a 35,000 circulation paper in Pueblo, Colorado, is one such client. "For over a decade, we have used Advantage Newspaper Consultants to help us with our TV book sales. They helped us increase our revenue in our TV book by 196%. Each year, we continue to increase and in fact, we hit our goal this year in five days! I could not be more pleased" says Bob Hudson, Advertising Manager of The Pueblo Chieftain. ANC Media Analyst Brenda Diah, has been selling the Pueblo account for the past 5 years. The Chieftain is always one of her favorite markets to work with because the newspaper management is extremely supportive. Every morning, a meeting is held to distribute bonus money and management is there to congratulate and encourage the sales staff. Brenda says, "If they had other things going on they didn't let it take priority over this. Management support is key to a successful campaign – even in a market we've been selling for years." The Chieftain sales team is very engaged and loves earning cash for their ad sales. They are well prepared with appointments and renewal opportunities when Brenda arrives at the market. "This year, out of the 49 contracts, there were only 13 new contracts. The renewal rate was great and the closing ratio was 83%" Brenda said. Another key part of this year's success was that the sales team did a great job of maintaining the advertisers that were sold into the book last year. Brenda says, "By properly servicing the accounts throughout the year, the sales reps show the advertisers they are invested in their success and not just looking to hit them up once a year. Well-managed accounts are happy accounts - and they renew year after year!"

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