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(610) 488-1020 Contact Wolfe today for a free lifting proposal. E very year our local streams and rivers receive more rain than they can handle. Superstorms are often unpredictable and appear to be increasing in frequency. Stop the endless cycle of flooding by lifting your home. For over 40 years Wolfe House Movers has been lifting hundreds of homes and is an expert in flood-related house lifting and moving. You will not find a more qualified or experienced company to lift your wood frame, brick, or masonry home. By elevating your living space above the 100-year floodplain, you will no longer need to worry every time a major storm is forecast. An added benefit is that you could save thousands over the years on your flood insurance. FLOOD LIFTING EXPERTS When will the next major storm arrive? When will the next major storm arrive? After a major flood, this homeowner decided that the best way to prevent damage from future flooding events was to have the house lifted. The fireplace and front porch were lifted with the house. Steel beams were inserted through the foundation, then it was lifted with a Unified Jacking System. It was supported on solid oak "crib piles" while a new foundation was built up and fitted to the house. The end result is an even better house where all living space and utilities are elevated above the 100-year floodplain. The ground level is now a garage for parking and storage. Flood vents have been installed so that flood waters can flow through without damaging foundation walls. After a flood it can be easily cleaned. DURING BEFORE AFTER Wolfe House & Building Movers uses the latest in advanced structural lifting technology with their Unified Hydraulic Jacking Systems. On the unified system, hydraulic pressure is synchronized to each jack ensuring that the entire building is lifted at the same rate, regardless of weight. This results in the least amount of stress possible and cracks are rare or even nonexistent. With a size for every job, our fleet includes the largest unified jacking machine in the world, capable of operating 120 hydraulic jacks simultaneously. Please refer to page 68

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