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December 22, 2011

The O-town Scene - Oneonta, NY

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Scene the O-Town Vol. 2, No. 12 102 Chestnut St., P.O. Box 250, Oneonta, NY 13820 (607) 432-1000, ext. 255, EDITOR/DESIGNER Cassandra Miller ASSOCIATE MANAGING EDITOR OF THE DAILY STAR Adrienne Wise PUBLISHER Armand Nardi CONTRIBUTORS Josh Baldo, Kyle Beckley, John Champlin, Courtney Place, Emily Popek, Lisa Ryther, Mark Simonson and Sam Spokony. EDITOR OF THE DAILY STAR Sam Pollak ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Sean Lewis The O-Town Scene is published Thursdays by The Daily Star Inc. Free copies are distributed throughout Oneonta, as well as parts of Otsego, Delaware and Schoharie counties. Member of The Associated Press and CNHI News Service EDITOR'S NOTE Let's move on. These words have resonated with me in recent weeks. They ended an estrangement with someone I love, allowed me to cut ties with negative influences, and they also relate to the O-Town Scene. I was flipping through a book of fortune cookie say- ings and came across "He who looks back will never move forward." We're not meant to relive our personal histories. Memories should be put on a shelf next to other keepsakes such as the empty jar of Nutella with Italy's Fabio Cannavaro hoisting the World Cup trophy after the team won in 2006. They re- mind you where you've been and what you've experienced _ like the summer spent in Florence. But, they are not alive like the present is. I had the surreal experience of seeing someone go down the same path I was on more than a year ago. Looking 2 O-Town Scene Dec. 22, 2011 at the situation I've already lived showed me how far I've come. It also confirmed the idea that some attachments are meant to be released _ the ones that are mud making your tires spin and keeping you from moving forward. (Life is a dirt road in this metaphor _ gotta love visualization.) Moving forward is always a good thing, especially when it is keeping you from living your best life or when you really have no power over the situation. Which brings me to the O-Town Scene. The Daily Star has decided to make the Scene a monthly publication as of January, and to focus attention on creating an interactive web- site where readers can post photos, videos, comments, reviews, rants and raves, and more. The ideas we have for it are exciting. It's evidence of the future of newspapers and magazines. We are moving forward. When I look back on the last year and a half, I'm incredibly proud of the weekly product I've put my heart into. But, looking ahead, we will be able to give a modern option to readers who are getting information primarily online. Our monthly print edition will still include columns from veteran Scene writers, profiles of community mem- bers, artist features, musician interviews and articles about interesting things happening in the area. It will also still have coming events and a calendar (submitters just need to get us press releases ear- lier to be included in the print listings). The online calendar will be constantly updated. Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed the first year and a half of the Scene, and that you will en- joy where it is going. Happy holidays. Cassandra Miller is the Scene's founding editor and designer. She can be reached at editor@ otown-

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