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"When you follow Advantage Newspaper Consultants sales program guidelines, great success is the only possible outcome. For our new weekly Entertainment Magazine launch of 'Urge', we set a goal of $140k and closed at $202k in signed annual agreements in just two weeks! Join me in saying wow… WOW! Our 'in the field' sales expert from ANC, Debbie Apple; was extremely energized and engaging with every presentation. She not only revealed new perspectives with our customers on why they needed to be advertis- ing, she clearly communicated the features and benefits of partnering with the Times-Standard as well as participating in this program. Rarely have I witnessed the level of customer interest, interaction AND closing on a sales call as I did during this focused sales event. This was an excellent learning experience for my sales team. A win-win for our customers, our company and Advantage Newspaper Consultants! I highly recommend this program to every sales organi- zation leader and I look forward to working with ANC again next year! Thank you so much!" Trina Alger Advertising Director, Digital First Media Eureka Times-Standard, Humboldt Beacon, Redwood Times, Tri-City Weekly We'd like you to meet... Lisa Wilkinson, Media Analyst Lisa joined ANC in 2013 with a strong, 20 year background in the newspaper industry with about half of those years spent as an outside sales consultant and the other half as an Advertising Director. Her passion for the newspaper industry, love of travel and meeting new people and believ- ing in her product has prepared her well for the role of ANC Media Analyst. With a relaxed selling style, Lisa enjoys working with differ- ent sales reps and their advertisers. She enjoys the reward- ing experience of helping locally owned businesses grow and flourish through the use of ANC's products and the newspaper. In every market Lisa is invited into, it's her personal goal to prove that she is part of the local team with the advertisers' best interest at heart. One of her strengths is motivating the team and encouraging them to succeed. She believes that an important aspect of this success is having fun along the way. When not working, Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, friends and, of course, her animals! She is an avid animal lover and spends much of her free time pampering and babying her menagerie of animals, which consists of two dogs and two cats! For years, most TV magazine sales programs have been sold in a package that includes an ROP pick-up of the TV magazine ad during the following week. Advertisers enjoyed both formats of the newspaper's "brand" … maga- zine shelf-life and ROP high-impact daily circulation ... while exposing themselves to readers in a cohesive, consistent annual adver- tising program. Newspapers sell the magazine/ROP offer know- ing that incremental newsprint will not be needed to fulfill the TV magazine ad running in ROP. And the ads usually are picked up without changes therefore no production costs are incurred. Increasingly, newspapers are extending the TV magazine packages one additional step to also include online exposure, offering three formats (magazine, ROP and online) for one low package price in exchange for an annual commitment from the advertiser. Online in TV magazine packages has taken many formats including otherwise-unsold story-level run-of-site banners, online TV magazine flip-books, banners surrounding online TV schedule information, online city directory listing upgrades, online coupons, mobile app exposure and more. The usual offering is a specific number of weekly banner impressions based on the frequency commit- ment to the TV magazine. TV magazine advertising is the backbone of the sales packages, attracting unique adver- tisers interested in long shelf-life, quality demographics and reader loyalty of TV magazines. But extending the offerings to ROP and now online expands the advertiser exposure to your entire brand, creating new business and high advertiser retention throughout the year without incremental fulfillment costs. Ask your Advantage Newspaper sales manager about ideas for including online exposure in your TV magazine advertising program. You might allocate some of the revenue to your online budget, justify a rate increase or increase ad count by expanding into online. 597 OLIVER STREET FAYETTEVILLE, NC 28304 910-323-0349 (PHONE) 910-323-9280 (FAX) WWW.NEWSPAPERCONSULTANTS.COM Advantage News June 2014 Core Product New Advertising Revenue Specialists Newspapers Expanding TV Magazine Sales Packages to Include Online Advertising Trina Alger (Eureka Times-Standard - Digital First Media) writes about her TV book sales experience with ANC ... Online Offerings Proliferate in TV Magazine Programs …. Online-centered Platinum Advantage program takes Index-Journal to $228,000! The Index-Journal, a Greenwood, SC daily, passed previous record results with an impressive 37% revenue increase. Over 60 retail advertisers now use Platinum Advantage as the core of a cross-platform advertising program. Using select online advertising positions and flexible Index-Journal ROP advertising, this program also included an offer that merged their Money Pages Magazine, a print and digital coupon publication serving the greater Greenwood SC market. Consistent client contact ensured renewal results and enthusiastic joint sales calls produced new revenue. Bill Cranford, Advertising Director said "we accom- plished the 'Three F's'. First, we FOCUSED - the staff was extremely focused before and during the campaign. Using previous success, we renewed more than $100,000 immedi- ately and then appointments held with solid decision makers and Debbie Gates, our Advantage Platinum rep, produced strong results with most contracts signed during the sales call. Next we achieved FINANCIAL SUCCESS - $228,000 goes a long ways towards making monthly budgets. When the newspaper has financial gain, our sales reps prosper and the commission paid during this blitz set an all-time record for any campaign we've ever run. Finally, we had a lot of FUN - commission dollars were everywhere and bonus money flew around as we achieved our sales goal, surpassed a new stretch goal and then didn't stop until we reached an unbelievable super stretch goal. It was really rewarding to watch the enthusiasm". As in previous years, this custom team-approach produced significant new revenue from advertisers who were not using consistent, scheduled programs. Adding new advertisers to existing ones, the six person sales staff hauled in thousands of dollars in ANC-provided cash bonuses for their sales and prospect- ing efforts. This program's success proves that ANC sales methods yield highly successful results. This year's program will also blend nicely with the Index- Journal's redesigned desktop and mobile websites, content management system and e-edition that will be launched in mid 2014. "It would be easy to say that the bonus money is my sole motivation for selling the Platinum Advantage web / print package but the truth is that our customers benefit greatly from it by reaching several different audiences with their message. When renewal time comes, most of them do so without hesitation. Why? Because it's working for them, and that makes me feel like I've presented them with a quality product that helps their bottom line. I know that I have truly helped them and made a difference in their business" reported Bob Roy, Sales Consultant of the Index-Journal. Index Journal Sales Team (left to right): Bill Cranford, Bob Roy, Brett Stackhouse, Beth Campbell, Becca Bell, Sherrill Eaddy and Jimmy Faulkner. "It's all about team work! We all bring different aspects to the table and this is what makes the sale. It's a win-win for the advertiser, the newspaper and the reps." "Focus, financial success and fun for the entire newspaper advertising staff describes our Platinum Advantage sales blitz. It was rewarding to see everyone set a new bar of success" - Bill Cranford, Index-Journal Advertising Director New TV & Local Entertainment Section, "Urge", Wows AD The Times-Standard now has over $202,000 in annual ad revenue in the new Urge magazine!

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