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March 03, 2011

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Laygirl Fashion by Emily Popek Trends to try, and those to skip Writing a fashion column is turning out to be an expensive proposition. You wouldn’t think it would cost me any money to sit in front of my computer and browse fashion blogs and websites _ and you’d be right. But any red-blooded fashion-loving gal can only look at so much sartorial splendor before she begins to feel a certain yearn- ing. This yearning takes the shape of a little voice that whispers in your ear, “Your entire wardrobe is rubbish. Buy new things!” At the moment, this little voice is heavily influenced by the dizzying whirlwind of gar- ments I’ve been ogling on style blogs and news websites as fashion forecasters around the globe try to hone in on spring’s trends. The predictions are, as always, conflicting and chaotic. So I like to do the only sane thing: pick out the ones I like, and ignore the rest. Here’s my own personal guide to what you should buy if you, like me, feel like throw- ing out every garment you own and buying shiny new clothes, and the trends you can safely pass by: Trends worth rocking WIDE-LEG PANTS You had to see this one coming. It is in- evitable that, after several seasons of skinny pants and leggings ruling the roost, the pendulum would swing (or be pushed) in the opposite direction. “Skinnies have a long life left in them yet; but this is a year in which flares are on-trend, and wide-leg pants are there alongside them,” Tania Braukamper wrote for the style website Wide-leg pants can be tricky to wear if you are not a glamazon, but they do have a slimming effect even on us mere mortals. With a well-fitting blouse or sweater, and a pair of killer heels or platforms, this look can give you legs that go on for miles. DECONSTRUCTED/SLOUCHY SHAPES Half the fashion world showed sleek, body-conscious looks in their recent collec- tions, with the other half embracing volume, drape and structure. I’m ignoring the former and loving the latter. At this particular fashion moment, I feel like all things blousy, flowing, loose and free-form look super-so- phisticated and fresh. Plus it’s comfortable, and getting the perfect size is slightly less important. What’s not to love? March 3, 2011 O-Town Scene 5 Trends to ignore CROPPED TOPS Sigh. I was so excited when tops started creeping longer and longer past the natural waist, especially since fashion’s last go- round with midriff-baring shirts introduced the term “muffin top” into the vernacular. I’ll leave this one to the young, superhu- man and slender, and keep my midsection covered, thank you very much. SHIRTTAIL-HEM SKIRTS AND DRESSES Do I want my skirt to be longer in the back than it is in the front? No. End of story. This is also probably going to be one of those skirt trends (like tiered skirts or handkerchief hems) that explodes and is everywhere for about 6 months, then suddenly looks hope- lessly dated. Count me out. Bonus pick GRANNY BOOTS OK, I admit this is something of a personal obsession that I do not expect others to share. But I strongly feel that short, lace-up “granny” boots _ with or without a heel _ are just the perfect thing for spring. They’re lightweight, petite, and equally cute with jeans or leggings as they are with a print skirt or dress, which is key, since we seem to be in a ’90s-grunge-revisited moment. And we all know that, even though the calendar may say March, we are still a long way away from breaking out our cute summer shoes. _ Emily Popek Emily Popek just scored an awesome pair of granny boots on eBay for $12. She is assistant editor of The Daily Star.

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