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March 03, 2011

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Keep Up Now! Our true purpose is to love others “With each step we take we draw closer or further from ourselves. We are all witness to aspects of our own individual evolution in this life. Still, the more attached to this physical place we remain the less likely we are to be conscious of that growth. There are those who for whatever reason seem to stagnate in this realm. For them, what they see is all there is; their life’s measure, material possession. Ironically, even this accumulation has potential spiritual value. The key to unlock- ing its treasure is in giving it away.” — Rob Ludwig We are all in search of truth, consciously or unconsciously. Our voyage involves discovering who we are, largely by deducting who and what we are not. The journey carves a winding path in and out of numerous realizations; but most important, each experience brings us closer to discovering the truth about who we are. We learn the importance of being nonjudgmental, particularly of ourselves. We gain knowledge of love by learning how to give love to others. of ourself, not a means to an end. We learn how to forgive by understanding we cannot begin to forgive others until we learn how to truly forgive and love ourselves. Ultimately, we gain knowledge of love by learning how to give love to others. Love is an extension All of our relationships serve as our guide. None are ran- dom. Each relationship possesses a key to an integral part of us than cannot be unlocked until the relationship has come to fruition and the lesson acknowledged. Each interaction plays a vital role in developing a sense of who we are, regardless of the seeming insignificance of the encounter. It may appear there would be less conflict if we could retreat to a quiet place, high on a hill, and wait there until the truth was gently received. However, the path to understanding can- not be undertaken alone. Some days we look upon all we must accomplish and we become overwhelmed. Begin again. Ultimately, when we comprehend our purpose is to help each other, the burden will lift and a new realization will dawn. It is in service to our brothers and sisters we find true meaning and love in this illusory world. “Keep up Now! with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.” —Terry Ludwig Terry Ludwig’s brother, Rob, passed away in 2004 after bat- tling AIDS. Before he passed, he shared his message. “Keep Up Now!” is the result of that communication. She can be reached at, and followed on Twitter and Facebook. Interested in writing a guest column for the Diversity Scene Page? E-mail March 3, 2011 O-Town Scene 25 Straight allies, you can help It’s been about 12 years since I saw the article in The Daily Star announc- ing an interest meeting for beginning a PFLAG chapter in Oneonta. I’d heard about PFLAG from my older daughter, who had come out to us about two years earlier and suggested that it would be a good organization to get more information. What at first had seemed to be so tragic, Guest Column It Spread the word to friends and relatives in order to start a conversation to open hearts and minds. that my daughter would never live out the life I had envisioned for her, became a blessing, sending me on a new journey that included finding wonderful new friends and opening my soul to love, acceptance and advocacy for the rights of a group of people who are to this day not allowed to live their lives openly without fear and have not been accorded all their constitutional rights. If you are one of those silent supporters, and have ever wondered how to help, there are lots of ways to do it without spending a lot of money or time. In PFLAG, we have focused on three different areas of need. Support can mean sending a check to a LGBT advocacy group such as PFLAG, the Human Rights Campaign or the Gay SUPPORT Learn more about these groups. Spread the word to friends and relatives in order to start a conversation to open hearts and minds. If you have children in school, talk to them about hatred and bullying and standing up for what they know is right and against what they know is wrong. Violence should never be the answer. Attend school board meetings. Read the school’s handbook. See who is included in or excluded from their anti-bullying policies. EDUCATION If you’ve done education and support, you’re already an advocate. If you want to go something more, attend rallies, march in parades or go to the offices of your local, state and national representatives, and tell them it’s time for change. ADVOCACY It is time for all straight allies to come out. PFLAG has a group called Straight For Equality. You can go to the PFLAG website and sign up at Kathy Ballantine is one of the co-founding members of the PFLAG Oneonta/Otsego County Chapter, and a former chapter president. Lesbian Straight Education Net- work. Support can also mean intervening in a situation where you see someone being bullied or harassed. can be writing letters to newspapers, elected officials, political par- ties or other organizations telling them what you think. the Diversity Scene March 3-9

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