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March 03, 2011

The O-town Scene - Oneonta, NY

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Local Eats Main Street Market and More It’s a hopping spot in the summer where its workers hardly get a chance to catch their breath in the always-popular Danny’s Main Street Market, at 92 Main St. in Cooperstown. Need a cup of coffee, a custom-made sandwich, a glutton-free muffin or some local beer for later? Danny’s is the place to go. The business has a throw-back feel to it, offering a bit of everything. And often work- ing in some frenzy behind the counter are owners Alice and Sergio Gaveria. The approachable and community-oriented Gaverias employ a small and friendly staff during the winter to fill in the holes when Sergio isn’t slicing meat and making sandwiches and Alice isn’t manning the coun- ter or baking in the back. Since they run the place — which isn’t quite a restaurant, coffee shop, grocery store or bakery, but has aspects of all and more — Danny’s feels like family. Since she can often be found near the register at the front of the store, Alice greets each customer, and if the crowd allows, picks up conversa- tions right where they left off. The line-up Danny’s offers has something for everyone. The Main Street market’s top specialty are sandwiches — like the Smoke house, God Father, Chicken Melt, Cuban and others, which can be custom- ized and are made fresh each day. Danny’s is also known for its salads and soups, like “Slap Yo Mama Silly Chili,” also made fresh daily. Homemade cookies, muffins and bread are made daily, as is coffee, which is brewed with a large variety of ever-changing flavors. Espresso and frozen drinks are also available at varying times of the year, and the store has plenty of flavor shots for all their drinks. _ Trevor Hayes Danny’s Main Street Market, 92 Main St., Cooperstown. 547-4053. Open Monday through Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 12 O-Town Scene March 3, 2011

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