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February 3, 2014

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F E B R U A R Y 3 , 2 0 1 4 / Y O U R b U s i n e s s - t O - b U s i n e s s w e e k lY TIME FOR UNLV MED SCHOOL | P. 6 The benefits of a freestanding medical school at UNLV are far-reaching FEELING THE PRESSURE | P. 7 County steps up regulation of reflexology clinics THE DATA | P. 20 Records and transactions THE LIST | P. 21 Colleges, universities and technical schools This month, VEGAS INC looks at wealth management. SPECIAL FOCUS FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING By Rob Langrell staff writer I t's essential to have a plan when managing your wealth, wheth- er it be personal or corporate. Luckily, the Las Vegas Valley is home to a plethora of financial executives ready to help. ¶ From tax attorneys and CPAs to wealth advisors and loan specialists, experts can help people and businesses figure out solutions to their finan- cial quandaries. ¶ It's just a matter of finding the right advisor. ¶ Tax and estate lawyers can help with financial planning, advise on tax strategies and, if necessary, negotiate with the IRS. Accoun- tants can make sure taxes are filed properly, handle financial records and prepare reports. Banks and credit unions can advise on investment plans, while certified development corporations can help small businesses get off the ground or expand. ¶ Here are a few notable faces in Southern Nevada's financial community: A LITTLE ADVICE: GET A FINANCIAL EXPERT The right advisor can save small businesses a lot of headaches L . E . B as ko w PLAN FOR SUCCESS: Brad Burdsall, center, of Egg Works, describes building plans in his new store near Village Center Circle with Ann Santiago, right, and Cindy Santilena, both senior vice presidents in business development at TMC Financing. INSIDE Seven tips to make an audit less painful for your small business — or avoid one altogether. Page 17 sEE ADVISORS, pagE 16 "I just love to drive down the street and see a business that we helped. " — Ann SAntiAgo, Senior vice preSident of buSineSS development, tmc finAncing By Andrew Doughman staff writer Nevada's politicians are assembling stockpiles of money, the ammunition for this year's election campaign sea- son. They reported millions of dollars in campaign contributions last month on annual disclosure forms, but that's just the money elected officials are required to report. As in the 2012 election, groups unaf- filiated with any candidate will likely spend millions of dollars to bankroll advertisements aimed at Nevada vot- ers, and it's unclear what, if anything, these groups need to tell you about who's paying for the ads. Judges in several Nevada court cas- es are considering whether groups sending political messages must dis- close their donors in Nevada. For instance, you get a mailer at home from an organization telling you negative things about a candi- date who will be on your ballot; do you have a right to know who's send- ing you this mailer? To get an answer, the courts are weighing fundamental questions about free speech and the role of gov- ernment in regulating transparency in elections. "What's at stake with these cases is POLITICAL GROUPS FIGHT AGAINST DISCLOSING DONORS sEE POLITICS, pagE 14 20140203_VI01_F.indd 1 1/30/14 11:51:37 AM

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