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October 21, 2013

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O C T O B E R 2 1 , 2 0 1 3 / Y O U R b u s i n e s s - t o - b u s i n e s s w e e k ly SPECIAL FOCUS NETWORKING AND CLIENT RELATIONs This month, VEGAS INC highlights the art of building and maintaining business relationships. Mulroy spent career getting Nevada its share of water By Conor Shine staff writer creating friendships: Young girls work on a craft project at Tinker Town, a child care facility that's open 24/7. SAM MORRIS THERE'S NO CLOCK ON CHILD CARE In a 24-hour city, parents aren't always home at 6 p.m. see MULROY,page 16 By Ed Komenda staff writer I In the early months of the new century, life was good for Pat Mulroy. A years-long and often contentious battle over Nevada's right to excess water that roared down the Colorado River, through Lake Mead and into California, was nearing a resolution. Mulroy's tenacious negotiating and relentless politicking, traits that would come to define her career, had her and all of Southern Nevada poised for a momentous victory that would allow the region a share of the river surplus and the fuel for continued growth. "There was probably a four-month window in 2000 when I could have said: 'OK. The world is wonderful. I'm putting on my rose-colored glasses and I'm done,'" Mulroy said. "I miss those four months." In the nine years since 1991, when she became general manager of the t's 10:30 p.m. Time for most children to wind down. But this is Las Vegas, where the aver- INSIDE TODAY age concept of sleep and child care doesn't apply. FORWARD MOTION | P. 6 ΒΆ At the Children's Choice Learning Center, a local child care facility for employees of MGM Resorts International, you'll find about a dozen kids getting creative with glue and colored paper, playing with puzzles or flipping through pictures books into the wee hours. 20131021_VI01_F.indd 1 see CHILD CARE, page 14 Efficient transportation of passengers from airport is essential REAL ESTATE | P. 7 State's new short-sale provision 'weirdly worded,' may lack teeth THE LIST | 22 Acute-care hospitals, by operating revenue 10/17/13 2:22:56 PM

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