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Times-Reporter Tops $123,000 In First-Time ANC Platinum Advantage Effort The Times-Reporter, a GateHouse publication in Dover-New Philadelphia, OH easily topped an aggressive $100,000 revenue goal by more than 23%. Retail advertisers, including health care professionals, home construction businesses, pet care, automotive service and sales and restaurants, use Platinum Advantage as the core of a cross-platform advertising program for their local market. The program included select online advertising positions and GateHouse Media's exclusive Propel GeoThe Times-Reporter New Philadelphia, OH Targeting feature, flexible ROP advertising in the TimesReporter and a digital advertising publication that serves the Dover-New Philadelphia, OH and Canton, OH markets. Enthusiastic joint sales calls, dedicated follow up by the sales staff and support of the entire management team led the way to a successful inaugural effort. Ann Blunt, Advertising director said "The Platinum Advantage program, developed and led by ANC's Tony Duffer, offered the Times-Reporter a customized and concentrated sales approach towards offering multimedia solutions to local businesses who had not advertised with us regularly or at all in the past. This hybrid program works, gaining new customers, and our account executives earned over $1500 in cash sales bonuses for their efforts". "During this initiative, I presented the multimedia packages to a variety of businesses and they understood and liked this approach. The result was new and incremental business in my pipeline. It was definitely a win-win solution and I walked away with some extra cash in my pocket!" reported Josh Johnson, Account Executive for The Times-Reporter. Ann Blunt Advertising Director Times-Reporter "This intense, focused and efficient effort introduced our geo-targeting capabilities and secured year-round revenue commitments" For More Information about Platinum Advantage, contact Tony Duffer at 910-494-2626 or We'd like you to meet... Deborah Apple, Media Analyst "The combination of an ANC Media Analyst's product expertise and the reps' knowledge of the market and his/her customer relationships is what makes the sales happen, and that's a great team effort!" - Deborah Apple Advantage News Core Product New Advertising Revenue Specialists October 2013 Breaking News!!! TV Magazines Are Back by Popular Demand! Steve Boggs, Publisher of The Saline Courier in Benton, AR shares his experience with ANC ... Saline Courier's Successful TV Magazine Relaunch Debbie joined ANC in 2012 with a strong sales and marketing background in television syndication, print advertising and broadcast television on-air advertising. This diverse experience, her love of travel and an adventurous spirit has prepared her well for the role of ANC Media Analyst. With an easy consultative selling style, Debbie strives to identify potential advertisers, assist in establishing relationships with prospective customers and coach the reps on the importance of year-round account maintenance in retaining advertisers. She believes that encouraging the team to keep them engaged and focused on their revenue goal are big contributing factors that ensure success. Debbie's personal goal in every market is to become a trusted part of the team, provide them with a successful experience and to be invited back again! The one or two-week campaign can be intense for all involved but Debbie's firm belief in the product, genuine enthusiasm and a healthy sense of humor are key motivators during the push to make the sales goal. During her down time, Debbie can be found enjoying time with family and close friends at home in Neptune Beach, FL. Having lived in Baja, Mexico where she co-founded a humane society and had a menagerie of dogs, a cat, parrots and a horse; she remains a true animal advocate. She loves home decorating, gardening, relaxing at the beach and sometimes after a busy travel schedule … doing absolutely nothing at all. "When we decided to bring back the television book in The Saline Courier, the first call I made was to Tim Dellinger, President of Advantage Newspaper Consultants. I had worked with Advantage in the past, but never to 'resurrect' a book. In our general discussions about what goal to use for a new book, we were in uncharted waters in Benton. We finally settled on $60,000. Marie Smith came during March, a very busy time of year for everyone, and addressed the ad staff, telling them that the more appointments they can set, the more successful the sales week will be. Our staff listened and had 32 appointments on the board by Monday morning, and another 10 by Wednesday. Debbie Apple was our ANC Media Analyst, and she immediately formed a team with our two sales reps. (We were down a rep at the time, which made the challenge of reaching our goal even greater.) They had a good Monday and a great Tuesday. By Wednesday evening, goal was in sight! Our lead sales rep decided it was going to be goal or bust, and Debbie jumped right in with her. The two of them made it a quest. After a slow sales day on Thursday, it was going to take a Herculean task to reach goal by Friday. I remember seeing the two of them pull into the parking lot after 7 on Thursday, both looking somewhat dejected. But they didn't give up. There were a lot of callbacks on Friday to get to, and they both knew if they could get in front of the decision makers, they could still reach the sales goal. Their hard work paid off. Not only did they reach goal on Friday, they did so before lunch. They were exhausted, but elated. It was great to see the look of satisfaction on the faces of our ad staff, as well as Debbie, in achieving an aggressive goal. Debbie had a good rapport with our clients, and her skills dovetailed perfectly with our sales reps. It was a great exercise for our operation. Our sales reps had built relationships with a lot of clients that were not running with us, and Debbie helped us change that. She was an excellent closer. Since the first book ran in mid-April, we've had NO advertisers to drop out of the book, Sunday single copy sales are up, and our readers are happy to have their TV book back in the paper." PA Newspaper Association Statistics Reveal ... TV Magazines Attract Newspapers' Most Valuable Readers Newspapers reach a broad swath of the community every day with updated information about the local community. Most locallyproduced TV magazines circulate in the newspapers' full-run circulation, but are most attractive to the older segment of the overall readership … the readers with the time and money to become selected advertisers' most valuable customers. Read these statistics about the value of "baby boom" readers (born between 1946 and 1964) recently compiled by the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association: 597 OLIVER STREET FAYETTEVILLE, NC 28304 910-323-0349 (PHONE) 910-323-9280 (FAX) WWW.NEWSPAPERCONSULTANTS.COM - Nearly 6 in 10 adults used newspapers in the past seven days for shopping planning and purchase decisions Your TV magazine attracts and holds this valuable readership segment. - Adults 50+ cite newspapers as the medium most used when checking ads TV magazines with targeted baby boomer ads are valuable content for your newspaper. - Baby boomers purchase 62% of new cars and 80% of luxury travel - Newspapers are favored 3 to 1 over all other mediums as source adults 50+ prefer to receive advertising circulars TV magazines often are part of the newspapers' circular package and create valuable sought-for content. Car dealers and travel agents advertise frequently in TV magazines with specialized messages that attract this valuable segment. Contact Advantage Newspaper Consultants about adding profitable TV magazines to your newspapers' weekly lineup. Or call us to turn your unprofitable TV magazine into a cash cow that builds readership while adding to your bottom line from targeted advertisers.

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