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October 14, 2010

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Small Screen:What’s On? By Adrienne Wise After a couple of weeks, my level of gid- diness has fallen back to normal after the start of the fall televi- sion season, and I’ve had some time to reflect. There are a few things you should know about me. I watch a lot of television. Not because I’m lazy or a coach potato, but because I genuinely enjoy it. Well, most of it. I’ll pretty much watch anything once, and if it really sucks I will know by the end of the first episode or two. That’s how I feel about most things in life these days. Also, I have a soft side for shows starring people I’ve liked in other shows that have been booted off networks or basic cable and exist only on DVD or in syndication. Oh, and I love about all I can find from British televi- sion, mainly on BBC America. Finally, I’m kind of a pop culture vulture and will pore over my Entertainment Weekly cop- ies from cover to cover for any news. Back to my original topic: The 2010 fall television season. Here are some of my initial thoughts: * I’m in love with “Hawaii Five-O.” I admit to not knowing much about the originally series, which starred Jack Lord and ran from 1968-80. I know the theme song and the catchphrase “Book ’em, Danno.” Both are there in the new version. What else? A healthy dose of beautiful, talented men on the beaches of Hawaii, including Alex O’Loughlin (the sexy vampire star of “Moonlight”), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin Soo-Kwon from “Lost”) and Scott Caan (most known for the “Ocean’s” movies). Great action and stories add to this and make it an entertaining escape every Monday night. * Damn the man for canceling “Lone Star” after two episodes. This is one of those examples of a network completely missing the point of airing new shows every year. Why do they hype show like this for months before they air and then rip it off before anyone has really seen where it’s going? When I show doesn’t show potential, I say get rid of it, but when crappy shows continue to show up every season because they’re cheap to make, I just get very cranky. The show had a promis- ing lead in James Wolk and intriguing stories to tell about how a con artist tries to become legitimate in two different worlds. * I’m still holding on to “The Event” on my DVR hoping on I’ll be inspired to watch it. I do know it stars Blair Underwood as the president of the U.S., Jason Ritter as the male lead. Beyond on that, not so sure. Not such a big event for me, so far. * And I’m excited some of my favorites are still going strong, such as “Glee.” Britney Spears episode with Britney doing a cameo? Seeing Jesus in grilled cheese? And a “Rocky Horror Picture Show”-themed episode? Yes, please. This show continues to mix random moments of musical genius with poignant mo- ments in the lives of the kids and faculty from McKinley High. One bad thing: For the week in between each episode, I cannot get the damn songs out of my head! I really could go on for days about these things, but I know when enough is enough, too. Until next time. — Adrienne Wise 4 O-Town Scene Oct. 14, 2010

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