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Cumberl | 25 ESTABLISH YOUR CHARITABLE LEGACY DESIGN AN ENDOWMENT FOR YOUR FAVORITE CAUSES Since 1980, Cumberland Community Foundation has distributed over $80 million in grants and scholarships made possible by endowments created by people just like you. Whether your interest lies in providing for those in need, sustaining the arts, supporting education, or any other worthy mission, Cumberland Community Foundation is here to help you. Creating Your Own Named Endowment Fund Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3! Step One: Decide the charitable purpose of your endowment. Your fund can provide annual support to a favorite charitable organization (such as those listed in this publication), make a difference in a certain area (such as arts, education, health, human services, youth, seniors, environment, and more), provide college scholarships to deserving students, or meet the community's greatest needs and opportunities as they change over the years. Step Two: Name your new fund. Naming your fund gives you the opportunity to create a legacy of a loved one, your family, or yourself. We will help you work it out. Step Three: Decide when to give. Create your own endowment by donating during your life or through a gift in your will, beneficiary designations, or other estate plans to Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. (Tax Id 58-1406831). We are here to help: Send a confidential email to or call 910-483-4449 and ask for Maddie Kellogg, Donor Services Manager. THE POWER OF ENDOWMENT When you establish a charitable endowment with Cumberland Community Foundation, you choose to provide community support that lasts forever. In 2013, Cole Humphrey's family created an endowment in his memory to support two of his favorite things – football and baseball at his high school. The initial gift was $5,000. Cole's family and friends continued to make gifts to this endowment each year. Cumberland Community Foundation invested those gifts for long term growth. Each year, Cape Fear High School receives grants paid from the investment income. 100% of every gift is still in the endowment. Every year, the football program and the baseball program receive distributions in memory of Cole Humphrey who was an excellent student and star athlete at Cape Fear High School. Today, this memorial endowment has grown to $122,046.42 and has already distributed $30,090 to the high school in Cole's memory. In 2023, Cape Fear football and baseball received $2,500 each. WHAT IS AN ENDOWMENT? An endowment is a charitable fund that provides ongoing support to an organization or cause – in perpetuity! The fund is invested and continues to grow through sound stewardship on the part of CCF. Each year, a grant is made to a charitable purpose of the donor's choice from the income of the fund. By protecting the principal of the fund, it continues to grow and create income for the chosen organization or cause, making a positive impact – forever.

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