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BECOME A CERTIFIED VOLUNTEER OMBUDSMAN! Ombudsmen investigate and resolve complaints made by, or on behalf of residents of long-term care facilities by utilizing advocacy and mediation skills to resolve problems when they occur. Ombudsmen also provide an on-going presence in facilities to promote the highest quality of life and care. ADVOCATE + EDUCATE + EMPOWER You can make a difference! Applicaons are being accepted now. For more informaon, please call (831) 429-1913 ext. 15 or visit www.advocacy-inc.org Do you want to help make a difference? Call 831-429-1913 ext. 15 for more informaon Jazz band...continued from page 1 Foot and Ankle Issues? Dr. Tea Nguyen enhances patient outcomes with restorative therapies and minimally invasive techniques in our patient centered facility. We Love Treating: • Amputation Prevention • Ankle Pain • Ankle Sprains • Achilles Tendonitis • Bunions • Callus, Corns, Warts • Diabetic Foot Care • Flat Feet in kids & adults • Foot Fractures • Ganglion Cysts • Geriatric Foot Care • Hammertoes • Heel Pain (plantar fasciitis) • Ingrown Toenail • Minimally Invasive Procedures • Mole Removal • Neuropathy, Neuromas • Pediatric Foot Care • Plastic Surgery Techniques • Regenerative Medicine • Scar Removal • Second Opinions • Soft Tissue Disorders • Stress Fractures • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome • Tendonitis • Toenail Fungus • Wounds Call Today for A Consultation 831-288-3400 New location 9500 Soquel Dr Ste A, Aptos 95003 831feet.com and fun to play on," says Schiappacasse, who has been with HCP for about 12 years. "We play them in the style of both the Django Reinhardt 'gypsy' or 'manouche' jazz-swing that was popular in the 40's, and in the American slightly more modern swing style. We also play Latin and Bossa Nova style tunes." Schiappacasse really enjoys seeing the positive reactions of people at the Thursday Gayle's shows. "When an audience likes what you play, it's very re- warding to do it," he says. Paul Tarantino, 59, plays saxophone and clari- net and has performed with the band off and on for nearly 10 years. He describes himself as "more of a substitute for the core clarinet player Dale Mills." Tarantino has played in the Santa Cruz/ Monterey area for about 25 years with various groups, "most notably with Wally's Swing World from the late 90's," he adds. Tarantino has high praise for HCP. "Marc always gets top-notch jazz musicians to play. Some- times he uses local legend Olaf Schiappacasse on drums and sometimes he goes with the great rhythm guitar player, Jack Fields in place of a drummer. His bass players are all incredible soloists: Joe Dolister, Matt Bohn, and Bill Bosch." Tarantino has this to say about the Gayle's gigs: "It is a very nice room for the band and for the listeners and I can play the clarinet and saxophone at softer, more expressive levels and still be heard without the use of any amplifica- tion. The people there re- ally love music and show tremendous respect." To research this article, I stopped by an HCP show at Gayle's in early August. I watched as one young girl pulled her chair right up to where Tarantino was playing his clarinet. She was en- tranced. I asked Tarantino about this later. "Actu- ally, a whole group of children gathered around the front of the band in total amazement. They were really excited about seeing a live band and had many questions about the various instruments. I was answering questions in the middle of songs! The only thing that got their attention more than the music was when their food was ready, which is another reason why I love playing at Gayle's—the food is awesome," says Tarantino. Turns out, it's pretty frequent that kids at Gayle's appreciate their music. As manager Schwartz adds, "It gives us the satisfaction that we are passing the baton to a new generation by introducing them to the unique American art form called Jazz." HCP's main clarinet player is 76-year-old Dale Mills. He joined in 2010 and had to take a break from 2012-2013 for medical reasons. Mills was a regular player until May 2023 when he went on medical leave. He is very passionate about the band. He has always loved Django's music but before HCP, had never played in a band that per- formed his compositions. "The Gayle's shows are lovely; people pay such attention—they are more like concerts." Mills is a big fan of his fellow bandmembers. "Bill Bosch is a hero to me. He plays so from the soul, so musically, when we play together it's like I can't do anything wrong. Olaf is such a supportive player too. They are both wonderful in terms of my playing." He has known the two of them for 45 years. "Bill and I played in the Cool Jerks together years ago." Mills is also quick to give a shoutout to band- leader Schwartz. "Marc is great; he and I both have the same ideas about how music works. We like old swing and Django music; we've been a good team for a long time." Joe Dolister, who started playing bass when he was 11, mostly splits the HCP bassist position with Bill Bosch. "We really enjoy seeing smiles on the faces of people in the audience. I play with several dif- ferent groups and config- urations. No other band makes people smile like Hot Club!" Dolister is 69, but young at heart. "I feel 50!" His full-time job is in Santa Cruz; he sometimes works in an office and sometimes from a Nevada home. "I stay in Santa Cruz for about two weeks at a time. When I'm here, I like to play music as much as possible." Dol- ister loves playing with HCP at Gayle's. "I have huge gratitude for Gayle's for supporting live music. Plus, the audience that regularly shows up at Gayle's is awesome. So, I love all of the people! And of course, the musicians." 94-year-old Shirley Ran- dolph is a longtime HCP fan who goes to Gayle's every week that she is able to get a ride. The music always lifts her spirits. "I hate to miss any evening they play," she says. "They play many Django Reinhardt songs and my favorite composers too: Gersh- win, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, so many from the Great American Song- book. It's such a treat for anyone there!" They play a song for her each time she comes. "It's 'Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise.' I don't even ask for it anymore, they just know I love it. It's a special gift." Over the years, Ran- dolph has introduced many friends to the band via the Gayle's shows, and they have all become fans. "It's happy music and the musicians are very friendly and give us so much each time they play." She also loves the food at Gayle's. Robert Ockeloen, 88, has been listening to HCP for many years and attends the Gayle's shows regularly. "I used to see them at their weekly Soif gig years ago, and I've seen them downtown, at the Crows' Nest, and other venues." Ockeloen likes HCP for many reasons including the fact that "… they play the kind of Jazz that appeals to many people. At the start they played the Django Rein- hardt swing, made famous by the Hot Club of France in the late 30's and 40's. These days they also play tunes from the standard jazz repertoire." He also appreciates the rotating musicians and the fact the band "…varies the instru- mentation (sax, clarinet, accordion, etc.)." Joe Ortiz, 77, is another HCP fan. As co-owner of Gayle's with his wife Gayle, he books live entertainment for the venue and loves working with the band. "They use a revolving line-up of musicians; all of them work with many different bands," explains Ortiz. "Marc's entire stable of musicians are all profes- sionals who intimately know the material. So, the quality of the performanc- es is very consistent. And customers really enjoy the upbeat music." It's a winning combina- tion, with the musicians and the customers having a wonderful time. "What a great scene and what great people both work and hang out there," says Schiappacasse. "All credit is due to Gayle and Joe Ortiz for what they have created. We feel privi- leged and honored to be part of that scene, and that Gayle and Joe have given us the gig and treat us so well. It's a real 'listening' audience that we love to play for. Gayle and Joe are musical and cultural benefactors in every way and deserve great credit for it." p r e s e n t s E S P RE S S I VO a s m a l l , i n t e n s e o r c h e s t r a Overcast, Clearing M I C H E L S I N G H E R , Artistic Director SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 at 4:00 PM Santa Cruz Community Church 411 Roxas St. Santa Cruz F E AT U R I N G W O R K S O F C O M P O S E R S B R I T T E N , B A X , A N D L A C H N E R For ticket sales and more information visit espressorch.org Band members Marc Schwartz, Bill Bosch, Olaf Schiappacasse, and Dale Mills - Submitted photo Band members Joe Dolister, Marc Schwartz, Olaf Schiappacasse, and Dale Mills - Submitted photo

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