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May 21, 2023

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12 • May 21 - 27, 2023 • Brainerd Dispatch The Late Late Show With James Corden President Biden is set to announce his re-election campaign tomorrow [April 25] on the four-year anniversary of when he declared his candidacy for 2020, and the country responded with a, "... Yay." According to a new survey, 51% of Democrats say that Biden shouldn't seek a second term. That's a bad sign. Fifty-one percent of Democrats can't even agree on which milk alternative they want in their flat white. Some sad news to report. Bed, Bath & Beyond has now filed for bankruptcy and will soon close all of its doors. ... I know what you're thinking: it's just got a little more difficult to buy a Christmas gift for your brother's wife. In honor of his upcoming coronation, a life-sized bust of King Charles has been made using 37 and a half pounds of chocolate. ... The bust of King Charles looks delicious, but ... you should really stay away from the Cadbury Creme Prince Andrew. A bunch of glue spilled on a Michigan highway ... A truck overturned. Don't worry, no injuries were reported, but the road was unusable for almost 24 hours. Talk about being stuck in traffic! late-night hosts, I guess, is this: "These Losers are dying, they are bad for our Country, which is in serious decline. Nobody wants to watch this negativity anymore. There's nothing funny about them. They're highly overpaid, easily replaceable fools!" And yet, unlike you, we still have our jobs. We're getting more details about Tucker Carlson's ouster from Fox News. Tucker was reportedly blindsided by this. He had no idea why he got fired. Although I have some ideas. I have, like, about 778 million ideas of why. Late Night With Seth Meyers Fox News announced today [April 24] that it has parted ways with host Tucker Carlson, and last Friday was his final show, which is great but also unsettling. At least when he had a show, we knew where he was. It's creepy trying to fall asleep with a ventriloquist dummy in your room, but it's way creepier when you wake up and it's not there anymore. A source recently told "People" magazine that former president Trump respects and admires former first lady Melania Trump and wants to make her happy. But he plans to stay married to her anyway. Correspondents' Dinner. It's the black tie event attended by the president, celebrities and journalists, and I'm hearing that Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon are expected to be there. ... As waiters. Yeah, President Biden will get up and tell jokes. It's fun because it's the one night a year Biden gets laughs on purpose. Earlier tonight [April 26], the Bidens hosted the president of South Korea and his wife for a state dinner at the White House. Yeah, Biden wanted to meet with the most powerful people in South Korea, but BTS was busy. Jimmy Kimmel Live! Well, kids, what the former president of the United States said about me and Stephen Colbert and all the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon There's a new smart device called Companion that babysits your dog by entertaining it, feeding it and monitoring its health. Yep. There's also a cheaper option. It's called not having a dog. I heard that next month Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis plans to launch his 2024 presidential campaign. Which makes sense because, already, his campaign slogan is, "Mayday, mayday." Yeah, DeSantis is having a tough time. It's hard to say you'd work well with other countries when you can't even get along with Epcot. This weekend is the annual White House Late Laughs SATURDAY'S SOLUTION FRIDAY'S SOLUTION 35548 County Road 66, Crosslake | 218.692.6072 Don't let hearing difficulties get in the way of your most important relationships. Contact us by phone or online today to schedule your free hearing test and learn about the latest discreet and effective treatment options. Healthy Hearing Keeps You Connected Hours: Mon-Sat 9-5 • Hwy. 210 W, Aitkin (218) 927-6446 • Tools • Furniture • Housewares • Gifts • New Inventory Arriving Weekly 25,000 Sq. Ft. To Shop From INDEPENDENTLY OWNED & OPERATED BY JEFF & TRACY SWENSON 218-828-4320 WE ALSO CLEAN: • WOOD & VINY L FLOORS • TILE & GROUT • GRANITE COUNTER TOP RENEWAL Serving Crow Wing, Aitkin, Morrison, Todd, N. Mille Lacs and Southern Cass Counties ASK ABOUT OUR CURRENT SPECIALS! Thank You for voting us the Best Carpet Cleaner 3 years in a row! SUPERIOR CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING Your Hometown Full-Service Jewelry Ste Family Owned and Operated Since 1984

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