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April 09, 2023

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Brainerd Dispatch • April 9 - 15, 2023 •19 WHAT'S NEW ON HULU "Tiny Beautiful Things" - Season 1 Author Cheryl Strayed's work takes to the screen once more with the series adaptation of her bestselling col- lection, "Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar," premiering on Hulu Friday, April 7. "Tiny Beautiful Things" stars Kathryn Hahn ("Wanda- Vision") as Clare, a floundering writer who becomes a renowned advice columnist — while, behind the scenes, her own life is falling apart. As she tries to hold onto her marriage to Danny (Quentin Plair, "Roswell, New Mexico"), and her tumultuous relationship with daughter Rae (Tanzyn Crawford, "Servant"), Clare's column helps her begin her own journey towards heal- ing as she reflects on her past and looks to a better future. Created for television by Liz Tigelaar ("Little Fires Everywhere"), "Tiny Beautiful Things" is directed by Desiree Akhavan ("The Bisexual") and Rachel Gold- enberg ("American Greed") with writing by Tigelaar, Jocelyn Bioh ("Russian Doll"), Ellen Fairey ("Nurse Jackie"), Naomi Iwamoto ("Twenties"), Des Moran ("Grown-ish") and Deirdre Shaw ("Jane the Virgin"). The series also stars Sarah Pidgeon ("The Wilds"), Owen Painter ("The Handmaid's Tale"), Merritt Wever ("Severance"), Elizabeth Hinkler ("American Auto") and Michaela Watkins ("The Unicorn"). Executive pro- ducers include Strayed, Hahn, Tigelaar, Reese Wither- spoon ("Wild," 2014), Lauren Levy Neustadter ("Little Fires Everywhere"), Jayme Lemons ("Enlightened"), Laura Dern ("Big Little Lies"), Stacey Silverman ("The Lying Game") and Nancy Won ("Jericho"). "Dave" - Season 3 Big talent meets big ego in the FXX music-themed sitcom "Dave," which premieres its third season Wednesday, April 5, on Hulu. A fictionalized account of the life of rapper Lil Dicky — whose real name is Dave Burd (he plays himself in the series) — "Dave" follows the titular character through his life and career as he works to make it big on the hip-hop scene and in the music industry at large. This season, Dave is headlining his first-ever tour and keeping an eye out for new love along the way. But, as he and his friends travel through America, they discover firsthand how diverse the cultural landscape of the United States really is — and how often fame puts pressure on love and friendship. Returning cast members include Andrew Santino ("I'm Dying Up Here") as Mike, Dave's roommate and man- ager; rapper GaTa ("House Party," 2023) as himself, Dave's friend and hype-man; and Travis Bennett ("Con- fess, Fletch," 2022) as Dave's friend and producer, Elz. "The Ghost and Molly McGee" - Season 2 Dive into the paranormal with the second season of "The Ghost and Molly McGee," premiering Sunday, April 2, on Disney+. Things are moving along for Molly (Ashley Burch) after Season 1's dramatic finale, and Scratchy (Dana Snyder) is back home in Brighton after facing trial in the Ghost World for making human life too joyful. Everything seems to be back to (para) normal, until a family of ghost hunters – the Chens – move in next door. No matter how dreamy their son is, Molly knows she must keep her biggest secret — her best friend, Scratch — safe. And this season, she has to deal with something scarier than ghosts and ghouls: teenagehood. Follow Molly through the pit- falls of growing up, including crushes and makeovers, as every episode includes a romping musical number and a whole lot of teenaged chaos. From co-creators Bill Motz ("Lego Star Wars: Allstars") and Bob Roth ("The Penguins of Madagascar"), "The Ghost and Molly McGee" also features the voice talents of Jor- dan Klepper ("The Opposition with Jordan Klepper") as Pete McGee, Sumalee Montano ("Dragon Age: Ab- solution") as Sharon McGee, Michaela Dietz ("Steven Universe") as Darryl McGee and Lara Jill Miller (The Loud House") as Libby Stein-Torres. "The Crossover" - Season 1 Life is about to get a lot more complicated for twin basketball phenoms Jordan "J.B." and Josh "Filthy" Bell. Arriving Wednesday, April, on Disney+, "The Crossover" tells a story about growing up, growing apart and, of course, basketball. Filthy (Jalyn Hall, "Till," 2022) is a laser-focused athlete who puts all his energy into becoming the next Lebron James; his twin brother, J.B. (Amir O'Neil, "Madagascar: A Little Wild"), has always followed the same path. Trained by their dad, Chuck (Derek Luke, "The Purge"), a former NBA player himself, it's no surprise that the boys have a solid future playing the game — that is, until J.B.'s interest pivots towards new girl Alexis (Skyla I'Lece, "P-Valley"). Tension mounts between the brothers, and it only grows stronger when their father's health starts to fail. Will the boys be able to keep up with Chuck's "basketball rules for life"? Or will his interest in Alexis prevent J.B. from playing and excelling at the game? "The Crossover" is narrated by Daveed Digs ("Hamilton," 2020) and based on the best selling book by Kwame Alexander.. "On a Wing and a Prayer" (2023) Experience a harrowing true story of bravery and survival with the new Prime Original movie, "On a Wing and a Prayer," premiering Friday, April 7. On what should have been an ordinary flight, father Doug White (Dennis Quaid, "Far From Heaven," 2002) is forced to fight for his life after their pilot suddenly dies mid-flight. With his entire family onboard the plane, Doug must figure out how to safely land the aircraft with nothing but the help of his wife (Heather Graham, "Lost in Space," 1998) and guidance from someone on the ground (Jesse Metcalfe, "Desperate Housewives"). "On a Wing and a Prayer" is directed by Sean McNamara ("Spare Parts," 2015), with the screenplay written by Brian Egeston ("The Quad"). Anna Enger Ritch ("Chicago Med"), Brandon Quinn ("Sweet Magnolias"), Rachael Markarian ("Top Gun: Maverick," 2022), Rocky Myers ("Confess"), Jessi Case ("Mother's Day," 2016) and Brett Rice ("Re- member the Titans," 2000) also star. "Jury Duty" - Season 1 All rise! Amazon Freevee's comedy series, "Jury Duty," premieres Friday, April 7. Follow the inner workings of the American court system through the eyes of one particular juror: real-life-person Ronald Gladden. This docu-style series follows Gladden through what he assumes to be a routine term of jury duty, except the other 11 law-abiding citizens serving as jurors are … actors, including James Marsden ("Sonic the Hedge- hog," 2020). The judge is an actor, too — in fact, everything about the case is fake, and unbeknownst to Gladden, who isn't in on the joke, the proceedings have all been carefully orchestrated for the cameras. Created by Lee Eisenberg ("The Office") and Gene Stupnitsky ("The Office"), this docu-style comedy boasts the talents of director Jake Szymanski ("Brook- lyn Nine-Nine") and writer Gene Stupnitsky ("The Office"), as well as showrunner Cody Heller ("Dead- beat"). The first four episodes are available beginning April 7, and new episodes will be released weekly. "Transatlantic" This Friday, April 7, Netflix brings audiences "Trans- atlantic," the seven-episode limited series inspired by Julie Orringer's novel "The Flight Portfolio," and by the real adventures of Varian Fry (played in the series by Cory Michael Smith, "Gotham"), Mary Jayne Gold (Gillian Jacobs, "Community"), Albert Hirschman (Lucas Englander, "Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore," 2022) and the Emergency Rescue Committee (ERC), an international gang of young heroes. Set in Marseille, France, from 1940 to 1941, "Transatlantic" follows the group as they risk their lives to save more than 2,000 refugees during World War II, including some of Europe's greatest artists and intellectuals, alongside a long list of individuals deemed "undesirable" by the Nazi Party. From creator/showrunner Anna Winger ("Deutschland, 83") and co-creator Daniel Hen - dler ("Unorthodox"), "Transatlantic" also stars Corey Stoll ("Billions"), Gregory Montel ("Call My Agent!"), Ralph Amoussou ("Marianne"), Deleila Piasko ("Agent Hamilton"), Amit Rahav ("Un- orthodox"), Moritz Bleibtreu ("Shades of Guilt"), Alexander Fehling ("Inglourious Basterds," 2009), Jonas Nay ("Line of Separation"), Lolita Chammah ("Anton Chekhov 1890," 2015), Luke Thompson ("Bridgerton"), Jodhi May ("The Witcher") and Nadiv Molcho ("Freud"). "Beef" - Season 1 Everyday frustrations get taken to the extreme in the series premiere of the dark comedy "Beef," available to stream on Netflix Thursday, April 6. In the aftermath of a road rage incident, two strangers, Danny Cho (Steven Yeun, "Nope," 2022) and Amy Lau (Ali Wong, "Ameri - can Housewife"), refuse to let the incident out of their minds. While Danny, a failing contractor, and Amy, a self-made entrepreneur with a picturesque life, let their feud grow and consume their every thought, they soon find their lives and relationships falling apart around them. Created, written and directed by Lee Sung Jin ("Undone"), the series is also directed by Jake Schreier ("Robot & Frank," 2012) and Hikari ("37 Seconds," 2019) and written by Alice Ju ("Russian Doll"), Carrie Kemper ("Silicon Valley"), Alex Russell ("Dave"), Marie Hanhnhon Nguyen ("A Friend of the Family") and Kevin Rosen ("Preacher"). Jalyn Hall stars in "The Crossover" Dennis Quaid in "On A Wing And A Prayer" Deleila Piasko, Ralph Amoussou, Lucas Englander, Gillian Jacobs, Cory Michael Smith and Amit Rahav star in "Transatlantic" Kathryn Hahn and Tanzyn Crawford in "Tiny Beautiful Things" STREAMING NOW

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