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March 23, 2023

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Page 12 - Rutherford Weekly 828-248-1408 Thursday, March 23-March 29, 2023 CROSSWORD PUZZLE CLUES ACROSS 1. Iny uential American polit- ical family 5. __ Chantilly, __ de Menthe 11. Within 12. Pleasure seekers 16. Computer manufacturer 17. Home to college sports' Flyers 18. Fungal disease 19. Sleepwalk 24. Spielberg sci-w w lm 25. Seasonable 26. Taxis 27. Radio direction w nder (abbr.) 28. Thin, narrow piece of wood 29. "Mystic River" actor Sean 30. Ingenuous 31. Musical composition 33. Turkish surname 34. High or hilly area 38. Wilco frontman 39. Pour it on pasta 40. Electric car company 43. Sea eagle 44. Walk with difw culty 45. Sign of healing 49. Boy 50. Protein-rich liquid 51. Washington city 53. Individual portion of TV series (abbr.) 54. Thought over 56. Scads 58. News agency 59. Standard 60. Deadlock 63. Pre-Columbian empire 64. Removed 65. French commune CLUES DOWN 1. Large, dangerous animals 2. Straighten out 3. Family tree 4. Large stinging paper wasp 5. European river w sh 6. Cut down in size 7. Denotes past 8. Larry and Curly's partner 9. Samoyedic ethnic group 10. Male parent 13. Speciw c gravity 14. Demeaned oneself to 15. Rigidly 20. Yankovic is a "weird" one 21. Belonging to me 22. Path 23. Airborne (abbr.) 27. Level 29. Atomic #94 30. Born of 31. Midway between north- east and east 32. Northeastern bank 33. Defunct airline 34. Having no purpose 35. A low wall 36. Swedish city 37. Earn a perfect score 38. Atomic #81 40. Beginner 41. Give off 42. Incorrect letters 44. Telecommunication ser- vice provider (abbr.) 45. Idyllic 46. Popular beer 47. A way to w ne 48. Evildoer 50. More withered 51. Seventh note of a major scale 52. Commercial 54. Abnormal breathing 55. Moved more quickly 57. City of Angels 61. Partner to Pa 62. Equally The Isothermal Community College deans of Business Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Applied Technologies, and Health and Public Services have announced the names of 288 area students who were named to the Deans' List for Fall Semester 2023. To achieve this academic distinction, a student must be enrolled in 12 or more hours of study and maintain a 3.25 (B plus) grade point average out of a possible 4.0 (A). This does not include grades earned in Academic Development classes. A comprehensive two- year institution, serving students from throughout the region, Isothermal Community College offers Business Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Applied Sciences and Engineering Technologies, and Health and Public Services courses and programs. Isothermal Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award degrees. Making the list for honor roll include these students and Rutherford County and the area: Bostic Chloe Bolt, Nicholas Bray, Carley M. Chapman, Zaida R. Cilone, Charles S. Cureton, Courtney A. Gettys, Abigail F. Greene, Amelia G. Harris, Matthew S. Hollifi eld, Candice M. Jones, Dawn McEntyre, Halle N. McFarland, Andrew Moore, Hailey D. Moore, Eric A. Probst, Joshua N. Probst, Melissa K. Probst, Zachary A. Probst, Juan D. Reyes-Cervantes, John M. Rich, Guadalupe Rivera, Emmanuel Santiago, MacKenzie S. Thomson, Brittany L. Towne, and Wendell L. Whipple Casar Lindsey T. Beaver, Wesley B. Elam, and Courtney D. Turner Columbus Cindy J. Chavez, William B. Dimsdale, Lorena M. Ferrand, Kai S. Goldstein, Ashton G. Griffi n, Raegan A. Jackson, Jeb C. Killough, Jessica D. Marrow, Phoenix C. Roush, Autumn V. Shumate, McKenna L. Splawn, Peyton E. Splawn, and Madilyn E. Wilson Ellenboro Mikisha D. Akers, Allyson O. Bach, Annie R. Cole, Ezequiel D. Diaz, Hannah G. Elliott, Suzana I. Escalera, Valerie E. Evans, Randall P. Frazier, Cami M. Fritze, June W. Hardin, III, Conner L. Hickman, Crystal N. Hudson, Benjamin M. Jordan, Kaylyn L. Luckadoo, Jamie J. Marr, Davion R. Murray, Kayla N. Nemechek, Diana N. Newton, Eden R. Rollins, Madison E. Sisk, Chelsea P. Sturgill, John M. Watt, and Darris L. Williams Forest City Addison Arrowood, George M. Banks, Adrienne J. Batchelor, Juanita Z. Bautista, Rebekah P. Blanton, Tommy L. Bolt, Jordan B. Boone, Kendra M. Bridges, Sara J. Brooks, Alexis Bumgardner, Joseph C. Burton, Christopher E. Cantrell, Peyton G. Causby, Francisco H. Chavez, Raymundo J. Chino- Mendoza, Nathan I. Cox, Lynn A. Durka, Samantha L. Easter, Noah K. Ezell, Sarah Fisher, Robert M. Fowler, Priscilla H. Gonzalez, Destiny L. Greene, Maria- Thereza B. Gualberto, Karla Hernandez, Valerie A. Herrera, Nathan S. Hoyle, Emily F. Huddleston, Alexis R. Jeffries, Lita H. Jenkins, Emanuel Juarez, Deborah E. Kennedy, Brennen R. Kingery, Destiny R. Lackner, Edwin D. Lagos Rodriguez, Victoria D. Laughter, Sequoyah J. Lowrance, Tabitha M. Lucas, Bradley L. McClellan, Garrick L. McGinnis, Jalen P. Murray, Timothy D. Murray, Ethan W. Nix, Jacob A. Poole, Dawson J. Powell, Sherri L. Prescott, Bryson W. Reep, Luard N. Reyes, Grace L. Ruppe, Kelsey L. Scoggins, Michael A. Short, Okareaus Z. Slappy, Lindsey T. Spangler, Nubia B. Sprouse, John A. Stanbarger, Taylor N. Thompson, Kayleigh V. Thorne, Grace L. Turner, Mia P. Turner, Amitra L. Tutt, Amanda L. Vogel, Abril G. Walker, Anthony R. Walker, Cameran D. Walker, Alana M. Warren, Brittany J. Webb, Kya J. Wilson, and Trinity R. Yelton Henrietta Mary J. Bartlett Lake Lure Alaina G. Bengtson, Olivia D. Bragdon, Danae Roos, and Anna L. Senter Mill Spring Rolonda T. Dawkins, Sam B. Hurst, Carley Lawter, Riley C. Lawter, Tristan H. Mistler, David Ramirez, Heather R. Russell, Mitchell D. Searcy, III, Madison M. Towne, Kelsey L. Vance, and Gabrielle F. Williams Mooresboro Chloey Butler, Alyssa B. Calhoun, Parker R. Emery, Sarah E. Hamrick, AshLynn D. Mathis, Sadie M. McBrayer, Emily C. Medina, Ellen Pritchard, Staci Roche, Perrin S. Swafford, Stephanie K. Tullis, and Anya M. White Rutherfordton Catherine C. Barsaloux, Chloe L. Bezzek, Delaney G. Brown, Joeline V. Brown, Madison N. Buss, Tiffany M. Cardwell, Simon A. Carter, Alessandra M. Colini, Elizabeth H. Dolan, Kristin L. Edgerton, Ana K. Elias-Chavez, Sarah E. Ezell, Ashley Fox, Nathaniel J. Fox, Breanna R. Harrill, Bethany A. Harris, Shelby M. Haynes, Satchel M. Higgins, Sherry C. Hill, Candace K. Hooper, Christopher D. Hudson, Molly K. Hunter, Rebekah M. Hutchins, Jonathon A. Johnson, Riley S. Johnson, Dennis J. Kean, Grant C. King, Jack C. King, Jackson C. Knox, Emily V. Koenig, Jamor L. Logan, Hannah L. Lowery, Franklin J. Lynch, Billy Manness, Abigail L. Marchetto, Lilyana C. Mast, Edgar D. McCarty, Owen P. McDaniel, Nicole L. Mercer, Heather K. Milline, Ramzee K. Murray, Kelly A. Newberry, Hannah O. Newton, Heather M. Osborne, Jason F. Paredes, Michaela A. Parton, William M. Partridge, Aubrey A. Perry, Mya Quick, James D. Ramsey, Brittany N. Reece, Kristan O. Reedy, Andrew M. Rice, Mario S. Rodriguez Padron, Caroline Ruppe, Macy A. Scruggs, Rebekah F. Searcy, Tyler M. Simmons, Hannah E. Speakman, Tyler M. Staley, Logan A. Striff, Conner D. Stroud, Ethan Sudano, Anastasia Taylor, Christina L. Thomas, Meghan Tipple, Kimberly M. Trivette, Kathryn A. Vassey, Laura S. Wallace, and Ashley N. Wilson Shelby Joshua R. Beaver, Brody D. Davis, Dakota B. Davis, Juquaila M. Gaston, Jada W. Greene, Shelby J. Keener, Savannah M. McSwain, Jeremiah K. Morrow, Shanna M. Ngha, Lana A. Pyron, and Rhiannon N. Shirley Spindale Kendal E. Baker, Thomas E. Benton, III, Savanna S. Doty, Cashmere B. Dunn, Sierra N. Hewitt, Cara N. Kensland, Amy R. McDaris, Chassidy L. Miller, Chloe R. Patterson, Caleb E. Taub, and Stephane N. Whitmire Tryon Savannah D. Blackwell, Louis R. Douglas, Emma C. Hoosier, Seth A. Jackson, Bryna R. McCoy, Francis C. Mendoza, Dennis Mowers, Yan C. Ramirez, Anthony Serrano, and Chloe A. Young Union Mills Hunter L. Bennett, Ellianna B. Byrd, Brittany A. Carr, Edmund C. Dobry, Abbigail H. Irving, Maacah E. Oakes, Rebekah A. Oakes, and Riley H. Sweeting Isothermal Community College Deans' List for Fall 2023 announced Article Provided By: Jean Gordon Carolina Carolina CLASSIFIEDS .com or call 828.248.1408 157 W Main St., Forest City

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