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March 16, 2023

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Thursday, March 16-March 22, 2023 828-248-1408 Rutherford Weekly - Page 9 The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, in collaboration with partners, announced the premiere of the Blue Ridge Snorkel Trail, a unique wildlife recreation opportunity located in Western North Carolina that connects people to the fascinating underwater world through a series of publicly accessible river snorkel sites. Ten unique sites have been identifi ed for inclusion in the Blue Ridge Snorkel Trail, spanning across western North Carolina. The sites are hosted by partners and are slated to open in late spring. Each site on the trail will be designated by signage that provides information on water safety information and notable aquatic species that may be found at the site. The ten pilot sites are: Catawba River Basin Joseph McDowell Historical Catawba Greenway, Town of Marion French Broad River Basin Canton Recreation Park Boat Ramp, Town of Canton, Haywood Waterways Association, Inc. Mills River Park, Town of Mills River, Mills River Partnership Black Mountain Veterans Park, Town of Black Mountain Hiwassee River Basin Valley River Heritage Park, Town of Andrews Little Tennessee River Basin Bryson City Island Park, Town of Bryson City East LaPorte River Access Park, Jackson County Joyce Kilmer Bridge Fishing Access, United States Forest Service Queen Branch Nature Preserve, Mainspring Conservation Trust Yadkin River Basin Stone Mountain State Park, N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation "River snorkelers will get to experience our rivers through the fi shes' eyes and explore all of the unique and beautiful species that are hidden just under the surface," according to the Western Region Aquatic Wildlife Diversity Coordinator, Luke Etchison, Ph.D. of the Wildlife Commission's Inland Fisheries Division. "You'll get the chance to see crayfi shes, mussels, aquatic snails, salamanders, aquatic insects, and fi shes you don't normally see, even if you fi sh." Snorkeling is quickly becoming a popular alternative to the traditional uses of rivers and lakes, and participation has increased dramatically over the years with different businesses and organizations leading groups of people on guided trips. As river snorkeling's popularity has increased so has the economic stimulus to businesses and organizations in the region. "The Blue Ridge Snorkel Trail is a logical partnership for us, given how it showcases the natural wonders of life under the water surface in our mountain region," said Western Regional Director Callie Moore of MountainTrue, a Southern Blue Ridge environmental and conservation organization with strong aquatic monitoring and conservation programs. "Given the excitement already generated around the pilot sites, we are hoping to secure more funding to expand this program so that there is a snorkel site in each county in Western North Carolina." The timing of the trail's opening is serendipitous given the North Carolina General Assembly designated 2023 as the Year of the Trail to bring attention to the numerous outdoor recreational attractions and networks of diverse trails that North Carolina has to offer. While still under development, information about site kick-off events with guided snorkeling, the trail, and snorkel sites will be provided on in advance of the trail's launch in late spring. 157 West Main St., Forest City 828.248.1408 @Ruther fordwkly @Ruther fordwkly Follow On @Ruther fordwkly Follow On On Small Town Friendly BIG Time Results Small Town Friendly BIG Time Results Not just a bunch of BOLONEY! Advertising that works. We Want Your Outdoor Photos! We Want Your Outdoor Photos! Hunting, Fishing, Playing Ball, Etc. Hunting, Fishing, Playing Ball, Etc. Sportsman's Corner Sportsman's Corner Email: Mail: 157 W Main St., Forest City, NC 28043 Phone: 828-248-1408 *Publisher has the fi nal decision of which photos appear in print, per available space. It looks like we can dust off those doll- fl ies. The walleye are fi nding their way upstream to spawn and need a tasty meal. I'm hoping some of them will become a good meal for me. There's no doubt one of the savoriest fi sh is the walleye. I usually don't have enough to fi ll my freezer for the year, so I long for the days of late winter and early spring when I can enjoy these delicious fi llets. I've often thought about what the perfect meal might be. Let's say, for instance, I had one last supper before my days ended; what would it be? Here's my menu. Two fi llets of walleye, a half dozen fried hickory chickens, a pile of sliced potatoes, (fried of course,) a pawn of cornbread, a cup of coleslaw, and a dish of blackberry cobbler. My mouth is watering even now. When I grew up, dinner and lunch was the same thing. Supper was our evening meal. The politically correct evening meal is now dinner, and the midday meal is lunch. But whatever happened to supper? Some of my best memories came from my childhood days around the supper table. I've noticed myself, as of late, falling prey to those who want me to take the word supper from my vocabulary. I was always taught manners, so I was ready to go with the fl ow on this one as well. But then I happened to be reading my Bible, and there it was, the word "supper." There was the supper where many were invited but did not come. The Lord said, "For I say to you that none of those men who were invited shall taste my supper." He was speaking of those who say no to His invitation. And then there was the Lord's Supper. I've never been to a church that took the Lord's Dinner? Nope, it's the Lord's Supper. And then I read in the book of The Revelation, and there it said this. "Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb!" And then this, "Come and gather together for the supper of the great God." That was enough for me. So, here's the deal. I'm taking back supper! Dinner and lunch will go back to where it belongs – at midday. And supper will be the evening meal. It will not only bring back a lot of fond memories, but it will remind me of that day when I'll sit down at the supper of the great God! Who knows, maybe walleye will be on the menu. By By Gary Miller Gary Miller Aiming Outdoorsmen Toward Christ Make sure to get my new book, full of these articles. Outdoor Truths Volume Four. I also speak at wild-game dinners and men's events for churches and associations. GARY MILLER Blue Ridge Snorkel Trail Launches This Spring 10 Pilot Sites to Open in Western North Carolina Article by: New Blue Ridge Snorkel Trail Launches This Spring Answers to Word Search Email: Email: Mail or Drop-Off: Mail or Drop-Off: 157 W Main St, • Forest City, NC 28043 157 W Main St, • Forest City, NC 28043 *Publisher has fi nal decision of which photos appear in print, per available space. We Want Your Kids Sports Photos! •Basketball •Baseball •Softball •Soccer •Archery •Equestrian •Etc!

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