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February 23, 2023

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Page 2 - Rutherford Weekly 828-248-1408 Thursday, February 23-March 1, 2023 A former softball coach, educator and mentor to hundreds of students and athletics in Rutherford County was honored recently when the Rutherford County Board of Education named the East Rutherford High School (ERHS) Lady Cavalier softball fi eld in his honor. Alan C. Carver was recognized during the Board's regular February meeting. The fi eld will be the Alan C. Carver fi eld and the sign is expected to be in place at the ballfi eld in mid- March. "I am so honored and humbled," Carver said His wife Debbie, friends, colleagues and former students/athletics attended the meeting. "Carver is the reason the fi eld exists today," said Laura Ray, head softball coach at East Rutherford. "For several years he sold snacks to be able to construct a fi eld to be used only for the purpose of girls football," Ray said in a letter to the Board of Education. "The fi eld has been an integral part of molding women's softball into what it is...the fi eld that was used by numerous conference champions, regional champions, and the NCHSAA 2A State Champion. Without Mr. Carter, these accomplishments could not be reality," Coach Ray said. Ray said she began coaching in 2013 and she asked Carver to be an assistant coach. He also provided for the softball team on numerous occasions from purchasing uniforms, equipment and other needs. Ray also said "Mr. Carver can be seen at every home game, still to this day standing right by the dugout being ERHS softball's biggest fan. "His support is unmatched and his dedication to this program is irreplaceable," she said. East principal Tim E. Torvinen said Carver identifi ed a need to give the softball fi eld at East a major facelift. "At the time when the fundraising efforts were beginning, the softball fi eld had only a backstop, a home place and three bases," he said in a letter to the Board of Education. Carver began raising funds to support improvements and within about one year, he had raised some $25,000 by selling snacks and seeking donations from the community. He raffl ed off his own pair of 1996-97 Charlotte Hornets vs Chicago Bulls basketball tickets featuring Michael Jordan to help with the fundraising efforts. With the board of the Board of Education, the $50,000 needed to build the fi eld was fi rmly secured, said Torvinen. The new fi eld was graded, dugouts were built and fencing installed as well as a new backstop. Carver continued to support the softball program by donating funds necessary to purchase uniforms, secure equipment and furnish a new press box with heating and air. "His regular attendance at home softball games only serves to underscore his genuine, longstanding, and passionate support of the program," said Torvinen. He said Carver, a former teacher at East, has "distinguished himself as a loyal employee of the Rutherford County Schools." The new softball sign designating the Alan C Carver Field is expected to be in place by mid-March. Carver is also working along with the ERHS Booster Club to help raise money for a women's sports facility at East High to be used for female sports teams and female weight training classes. For more info email laura. or call 828-429-1975. East High School Softball Field named in honor of Alan Carver Article Provided By: Jean Gordon. Photos Contributed. Alan Carver is shown with girls softball team supporters/players Casse McFarland (left), Chloe Adair and Halle McFarland. The average home is full of potentially poisonous items. From cleaning products to medications to foods and beverages, a host of items around the house can make a person sick or prove fatal. In 2020, 55 poison control centers in the United States provided telephone guidance for more than 2.1 million human poison exposures. That equates to one poison exposure reported to the centers every 15 seconds. 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Individuals can accidentally ingest the wrong medication if products are moved into other containers. • Install alarms: Maintain carbon monoxide detectors throughout the house, including near bedrooms and close to furnaces. • Discard old food: Check expiration dates and examine canned or boxed foods for spoilage. Eating food that has spoiled or is not cooked to the right temperature can result in food poisoning. • Don't mix chemicals: Never mix chemical products, which can produce fumes or dangerous reactions. • Recognize poisonous plants: Research which plants may be poisonous if touched or ingested. Philodendrons, dieffenbachia, oleander, and golden pothos are some of the indoor plants that can be dangerous to children and pets. • Avoid sprayed areas: Stay away from lawns and gardens that have recently been sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers. • Safely dispose of certain products: Make sure to properly dispose of chemical products like paints, cleansers, stains, and the like. 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