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December 29, 2022

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ISSUE NO. 52 • December 29, 2022 ISSUE NO. 52 • December 29, 2022 • • • 828-248-1408 • 828-248-1408 NOW OFFERING NOW OFFERING 187 NORTH POWELL STREET, FOREST CITY ADAS Calibration In House On Vehicles ADAS Calibration In House On Vehicles Equipped With Front-View Cameras Equipped With Front-View Cameras Article by Jean Gordon; photos by Jean Gordon and contributed. Yellow Rose Forge - so many Yellow Rose Forge - so many stories from Shiloh to Guatemala stories from Shiloh to Guatemala Our 30 th Year • Over 25,000 Weekly Readers Yellow Rose Forge banner in the shop. Walking into the Yellow Rose Forge shop where Billy Salyers and his business partner/son Joseph Salyers are at work, a person immediately recognizes a sense of brotherly love and a cause. Billy was working on a project for a friend, who was in the shop, and Joseph was making swords, another gift to complete before Christmas. There are a lot of stories from the shop off Poors Ford Road, Shiloh, where the father/son work as full- time bladesmiths. Yellow Rose began as a family working together fi ve years ago. "Every year my sons, my daughter, and I would build something new to learn new skills together, and more importantly to spend time with each other. One year we tried blacksmithing and it simply snowballed from there," Billy said. Today he and Joseph are full- time bladesmiths. Recently, Joseph Salyers became one of the youngest Forged in Fire Champions (reality television show) and Joseph and Billy became the only Father and Son Forged in Fire Champions in the show's history. "It's kind of odd for both of us when people know us from the show or who are interested in meeting us because of something we did on TV," Billy said. "This happens all over the world." The television show opened avenues for them to expand their mission work in Guatemala. Because of Joseph's commitment at age 18 to serve as a missionary in Guatemala, the door swung open for Redeemed Steel to do the work Joseph was doing there. Redeemed Steel is a network Billy began in 2019 and has grown to over 300 people in six or seven countries. Redeemed Steel is made up of craftspeople of all sorts, blacksmiths, bladesmiths, metalworkers, woodworkers and leatherworkers. It is a Christian 501c3 non-profi t organization that uses the works of hands and the words of lips to make a lasting impact as others are served. Primarily blacksmiths and bladesmiths, the group builds homes for the homeless, provides food for the hungry, and shares the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the past two years, the network has built six homes, helped to build a church, fed a village of 500 people by providing over 3,000 pounds of food, and shared the gospel with thousands. The Salyers and Redeemed Steel work in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and anywhere else they have an opportunity to go. They partner with ministries in the United States such as The River Ministries of Polk County, Zoweh, a men's ministry group from Durham, Reforged, a Texas based group that offers free forging classes and professional counseling to vets and fi rst responders with PTSD, and The New Frontiers, a Montana group designed to reconnect fathers and their children. Redeemed Steel also partners with Global Action ministries to provide training and education services all over the world to church leaders who can't afford to go to school, enabling them to serve the countries and communities to which they belong," Billy explained. "Usually, when Joseph and I take a team, I will spend the fi rst couple of days team building," Billy said. A Redeemed Steel typical mission trip starts with a group of talented craftsmen and craftswomen dividing up huge quantities of bulk food into smaller 30 pound bags. The next day, the team will distribute the food to individual families in need. Over the next couple of days, the team might build a house or fi ve, spending about a day framing and roofi ng, completing each build in approximately 10 hours. A team of 12 can easily build 5 houses in a week. The mission trip concludes with a Redeemed Steel presentation, partnering with local churches and community centers to do a blacksmithing demonstration in which they forge a knife and share the gospel. Continued on page 3. Billy, Sheila and son Joseph on the mission fi eld A rendering of The First Redeemed Steel Trade School currently in progress in Guatemala. This is the actual sight of the building to be built. Redeemed Steel is looking for 250 people who will give $20 a month to help make this school and others like it a reality. "REDEEMED STEEL EXISTS FOR A SINGLE PURPOSE, TO ALLOW GOD TO REVEAL HIS GLORY AND DISPLAY HIS POWER", SAID BI BILL LLY SA SALY LYER ERS, S, BLA LADE DESM SMIT ITH. H.

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