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SPIRIT OF GENEROSITY ABOVE: Hailer with the late Senator Ted Kennedy and The Home for Little Wanderers President and CEO Joan Wallace-Benjamin. LEFT: Teammates pose at the Generous Masters Golf Marathon, one of The Home's biggest fundraiser. Signature Frames & Mirrors Since 1962 "We're not going to be able to save them all, but we're giving them a chance." —JOHN HAILER continued from page 68 other forms of self-harm, such as cutting. This year, two students from Waltham House graduated from high school and another passed the GED. Another of Hailer's priorities is helping young people who have aged out of the foster care system and are at risk of being homeless. Roxbury House, for example, is a new residential program for kids on the verge of adulthood. "They turn 18 and suddenly they're fending for themselves, but they still need help," he says. "The program helps them with that transition, whether it's continuing their education, getting a job, or just learning how to balance their checkbook." Longview Farm Campus in Walpole, which The Home opened last year, is another private special education school that helps kids successfully transition out of the state system. The school provides individualized treatment plans, as well as elective classes like cooking and woodworking. Last year, 80 percent of kids there passed the English Language Arts MCAS. "We have 50 kids there now, and it's an amazing facility. We are not going to be able to save them all, but we're giving them a chance. There are certain things you just can't fix. But the goal is to try. We need to give them an opportunity to succeed. To me that's what it's all about." The Generous Masters Golf Marathon takes place on September 16 at Black Rock Country Club. For more information, visit BC PHOTOGRAPHY BY ED MAKSVTIS (RYAN); COURTESY OF JOHN HAILER (KENNEDY) Frame Shown: AM434 Stanford, palladium leaf AD • (617) 269-0250 • Boston 066-071-BC_SP_SpOfGen_Fall13.indd 70 8/6/13 1:21 PM

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