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2013 - Issue 4 - Fall

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T he List Fall 2013 Susie Kitchens Dee Roscioli Kendrick Lamar Charles Angione Shannon Felton Giuseppe Pastorelli Denzel Washington Patrice Bergeron Robert Duvall John Fernandes Heather Joselyn Billy Bob Thornton Andrea Desaulniers Solange Knowles Yulu Du Clinton Blair Robb Silva Jennifer McMahon Heather Joselyn Ben Murray Marlo Fogelman Josh Hutcherson Lisa Muscato Sacha Lichine Nicholas Daddona Sabra Katz Jessica Cremin Darren Spencer Leighton Meester Brian Ensor Robert Wahlberg Randy Clutter Rebecca Connelly Dino Trombino Suzanne Collins Katharine ReQua Alan L. Stanzler Holly Finigan Steven Leed Blake Shelton Brenton Blanchard Gina LaRossa Jack Frohlinger Tom Olcott Chris Brull Frederick V. Schoch Andy Ross Ian Pullan Patrice Varni Michael Bublé Loui Eriksson Susan Lazarus Patricia A. Villani Michelle Holland James Gerrity Lori Kyler Christensen Tammy Peters 54 054_BC_FOB_TheList_Fall13.indd 54 8/5/13 9:57 AM

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