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GUIDE play Btone Fitness uses state-of-the-art Megaformer machines. Model Citizen THESE FITNESS CLASSES WILL MAKE SURE YOUR BODY IS RUNWAY-READY THIS FALL. BY SARA CRAVATTS The Bar Method These classes are the perfect mix of interval training and muscleshaping isometrics. The essence of each class is to work your muscles to the point of fatigue, followed immediately by careful stretching. Studio co-owner McKenzie Howarth says this combination "creates elongated, lean muscles that will transform the look of your body." 234 Clarendon St., 617-2364455; Bodyscapes Go from beginner to master with Bodyscapes' Pilates classes. The studio is filled with body-toning equipment like Ladder Barrels and Flex-Bands that will help you on the way to your new-and-improved physique. Try a private class with Larry Weisman in the sunny Brookline studio. 1285 Beacon St., Brookline, 617-232-1010; Boston Ballet Strengthen, elongate, and improve flexibility at a Ballet Workout class. You don't need any previous dance experience, and the class is made up of simple movements inspired by classical composers. The exercises work your abdominal muscles and upper body. 40 Leggs Hill Road, Marblehead, 617-456-6380; Btone Fitness Btone uses the state-of-the-art 150 Megaformer machine, which combines the strengthening benefits of weight training with the lengthening effects of Pilates. The unique construction of the Megaformer, an adapted version of the Pilates reformer machine, has low impact on your joints. 30 Newbury St., 4th Fl., 617-578-8663; Fitness Method to change the shape of her own body. The method aims to work weak muscles while stretching overused ones, and creates a leaner figure while defining arms and other areas of the body that clients want to target. 867 Boylston St., Second Fl., 617-867-6500; Equinox Sports Club/LA If you are looking to break free from boring workouts, try a Barre Burn class. The program is aimed at sculpting a tighter bottom, thighs, and hips, while energizing your metabolism to keep burning calories even after the workout. The class uses ballet and core moves as well as isometrics for a longer, leaner overall look. 131 Dartmouth St., 225 Franklin St., 617-578-8918; Stretch out with the one-hour Blitz workout, which combines moves that use your own body weight to develop strength and balance. The class is open to nonmembers as well, and classes are kept small so the instructor can work closely with each student. The workout changes every time so your body is challenged differently, resulting in a stronger, more agile, and flexible physique. 4 Avery St., 617-375-8200; 55 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill, 617-975-2020; BODY TALK Exhale Mind Body Spa The Core Fusion Barre class is designed to give you a true full-body workout. Tone your legs, abs, arms, and thighs through ballet-inspired, core-centric isolated exercises. To improve alignment, flexibility, and balance, classes start with light weights and progress into a full-body workout on the ballet barre. 28 Arlington St., 617-532-7000; 2 Battery Wharf, 617-603-3100; Life in Synergy Owner and fitness guru Helena Collins designed The Synergistics The Ring Boxing Club Offering more than 60 classes per week, The Ring Boxing Club in Allston makes sure you never have trouble fitting a workout into your busy schedule. A favorite of Boston athletes and their wives, each hour-long class led by a certified trainer burns around 1,000 calories. Classes range from private boxing lessons to strength training, all the way to actual sparring in the ring. 971 Commonwealth Ave., 617-782-6946; BC Helena Collins of Life in Synergy shares three important principles. Quit the cardio: Life in Synergy girls get their steps in without sweating too much. This decreases your appetite, improves the problem-solving oxygenation to your brain, and reduces stress. Synergistics Fitness Method: Instead of teaching a move or exercise, I teach about your body and muscles so that you can correct imbalances. Positive mental attitude: We've all had a favorite teacher or a class that was so fun you couldn't wait to go to it. This is a big part of Life in Synergy. There is no attitude and no judgment. Get individualized instruction at Life in Synergy. BOSTONCOMMON-MAGAZINE.COM 150_BC_TG_Play_Fall13.indd 150 8/2/13 3:56 PM

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