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October, 2022

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MILWAUKEE — Patio doors are impor- tant to a home because they help create a seamless transition in and out, providing quick and easy access to your patio or backyard space. This is ideal for entertain- ment purposes or for simply enjoying a home's outdoor area. "Due to their significance, homeowners will find it beneficial to familiarize them- selves with the signs that point to patio door replacement," said Lance Dahl, sen- ior sales representative — exterior prod- ucts with Callen Construction, Inc. in Muskego. "More specifically, it's impor- tant to carefully consider functionality, overall condition, and aesthetic appeal when evaluating your home's patio door, as these key features are integral in deter- mining whether or not patio door replace- ment is necessary." Functionality is crucial to consider with regards to assessing a patio door's condi- tion. For instance, it may seem like a mere inconvenience if the patio door is becom- ing increasingly difficult to open and close, but it can quickly snowball into a serious problem. "To give you a better idea, a patio door that is difficult to operate is unsafe in an emergency situation, such as a fire, which requires a clean and speedy exit from the home," Dahl said. Most commonly, difficult door operation is a result of normal wear and tear, espe- cially if the patio door is older. "Harsh weather is often to blame, as it can eventu- ally lead to warping of the frame or sash," Dahl said. "Not only does warping affect the wood shape, but it can also cause split- ting and cracking, which means patio door replacement is necessary." It is also prudent to examine the condi- tion of the tracks and rollers if it's a tra- ditional sliding patio door, or hinges if it's a French patio door. "If these components are dirty, it can impede the operation of the door; however, if cleaning does not resolve the issue, then the components may be beyond repair and a new patio door is strongly recommended," he said. This is especially true if the locking mechanism on the door is broken, as it severely compromises the home's safety and security. If a home experiences drafts, it is a good idea to check the patio door, especially if there is condensation regularly forming in between the panes of glass. "Seals can fail over time and if there are any visible gaps or cracks in the patio door framing, not only can water and pests enter your home, but air is also constantly escaping," said Dahl. "As one can imagine, this negatively impacts your home's energy efficiency and, subsequently, raises your energy bills. When this happens, you may find it difficult to maintain a consistent and com- fortable indoor air temperature. Patio door replacement is necessary in this instance, as it will help ensure the room is properly insulated, maximizing the home's overall energy efficiency." While a patio door may not show serious signs of wear and tear, its design may be outdated, and resale value may be impact- ed. "Whether you're remodeling the entire space or simply updating the patio door, a new unit will not only enhance your home's interior and exterior aesthetics, including the patio area, but it will also add to the resale value of your home," Dahl said. "Potential home buyers will be more inclined to purchase a home with modern features, such as an updated patio door and windows, versus a home with dated features." Whether it's a struggle to open and close the patio door, the drafts in the home have become intolerable, or the home is due for a renovation to improve its aesthetic appeal, patio door replacement is warrant- ed. "A new patio door plays a vital role in your home's safety and security, energy efficiency, and resale value. Plus, it helps create a warm, inviting atmosphere when entering and exiting your home's outdoor space," said Dahl. "Moreover, a new patio door can be customized to accommodate the unique needs and preferences of homeowners as well as compliment the home's architecture and design style." Callen's Muskego showroom, S63-W13131 Janesville Road, contains a variety of samples, including full kitchen and bath displays featuring Kohler fixtures and Starmark Cabinetry products, counter- tops, as well as Infinity from Marvin Fiberglass replacement windows, and ProVia Doors. (For more information or to arrange an initial showroom consultation, call Callen at 414-529-5509 or visit CallCallen.com.) OCTOBER 2022 HOME 3 Signs it's time to replace a patio door Benefits include improved function, aesthetic update, better security, energy efficiency "Potential home buyers will be more inclined to purchase a home with modern features, such as an updated patio door and windows, versus a home with dated features." – Lance Dahl, Callen Construction, Inc. Aesthetic appeal can improve not only the livability and enjoyment of a home but improve resale value.

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