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Learn More... continued from page 1 regard to foods, in the past, I have encouraged my patients to avoid the three P's: Pro- cessed, Packaged, and Prepared. There are no foods which magically appear to protect against cancer, but a plant-based (vegan) eating plan does appear to be beneficial. I have tried to adapt a more plant-based eating plan for myself and my family." If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, there are many wonderful local resources that can help you and your family. "We are fortunate to have the Nurse Navigators at Dominican Hospital's Katz Cancer Resource Center. They are always willing to help patients with emotional support and are a huge asset to the cancer care team," says Dr. Santillano. For those unfamiliar with the Katz Center, it provides lots of information and services. As their site says, this is related to "all aspects of cancer care" and they can "‚Ķanswer your questions, coordi- nate your care, and refer you to support services." Programs and services are free of charge. Learn more at dignityhealth.org/ bayarea/locations/domin- ican/services/cancer-care/ katz-cancer-resource-cen- ter. Dr. Santillano says that the Dominican Lymphedema Therapy team is also outstanding. "Lymphedema therapy is part of Dignity Health's outpatient rehab services. My patients have won- derful feedback about the massage and aquatic therapy offered as well as the caring nature of the therapists." In addition to caring for patients with breast cancer, Dr. Santillano sees patients for surgical needs including hernias, colon cancer, gallbladder disease, appendicitis, and diverticular disease. "I am happy to be serving the community in which I live to care for my neighbors and friends as a General Surgeon. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to improve the wellness of our community every day!" She also sees pa- tients in the Watsonville office, serving patients from surrounding areas. Contact info: Dr. Jessica Santillano Surgical Associates of Monterey Bay 1668 Dominican Way, Santa Cruz, CA, 95065 (831) 464-9962 ACROSS 1. '90s Don Johnson TV character 5. India's smallest state 8. Light on one's feet 12. Arctic floater 13. Mouthful, swallowed 14. Rocks at mountain base 15. Reading helper 16. Serve soup 17. Clean & ____, in a workout 18. *QB's target 20. Wholly engrossed 21. Religious ritual table 22. Scot's woolen cap 23. Relating to milk 26. Oil-producing plant 30. Shakespearean "fuss" 31. Crowd 34. Like the White Rabbit 35. Chip feature 37. Mozart's "L'____ del Cairo" 38. Asian goat antelope 39. Turn sharply 40. Yield 42. Compass bearing 43. *When QB changes play at line of scrimmage 45. ____ identity 47. Failed Molotov cocktail 48. Alicia Keys' instrument 50. Final notice 52. *It results in change of possession in football 55. Off-white color 56. Actor Pitt 57. Type of ore 59. Classic TV's "lovely lady" 60. Stiff hair 61. Vegetative state 62. Distinctive elegance 63. Prior to, prefix 64. *Tom Brady's 2008, 2018 or 2021 award DOWN 1. *Professional football org. 2. Relating to armpit 3. Not all 4. Jazz subculture hipster 5. Tropical juice flavor 6. Comparative form of #40 Down 7. Imitator 8. *QB's run 9. SAT or ACT ____ course 10. Catch one's breath 11. "Owner of a Lonely Heart" band 13. Malfunction 14. Hair product 19. Chosen few 22. Dress like Ancient Greeks 23. Butterfly, pre-metamor- phosis 24. Bye, to √Člisabeth Borne 25. Encrypted 26. *a.k.a. hike 27. Dog-____ pages 28. Do penance 29. Not as old 32. Casanova, e.g. 33. Two before Dec. 36. *NFL playing field 38. Shorthand 40. Antediluvian 41. Idi Amin's country 44. Butane derivative 46. Not an expert 48. Less adulterated 49. All worked up 50. Like Joe Biden's office 51. ____ Bora 52. Chef 's amt. 53. Son of Aphrodite 54. Boisterous play 55. *____ the kicker 58. "Uh-uh" Who Told YOU That You "Can't Dance?" by Peggy Pollard, Santa Cruz Waltz & Swing www.PeggyDance. weebly.com Who Told YOU That You "Can't Dance?" By Peggy Pollard, Santa Cruz Waltz & Swing Dance Did you hear teasing comments in your child- hood from your brother, sister, friends, . . .who told you how silly you look? Or did you take an adult dance lesson only to hear a long list of corrections from the teacher telling you "how wrong your feet are," and way too many other things you were doing wrong, so all you really learned was "how bad of a dancer I am?" Or, more likely, did such a discouraging comment come from your own mouth . . . or from inside your own head? Was it YOU who said that? Because usually our worst critic is our OWN SELF... right? Or if someone else did actually fling a critical comment at you in the midst of your happy danc- ing attempt, such harsh words can burn deep. Just one or two discouraging words voiced by another human, probably said with- out thought (that they likely didn't even mean) can, nevertheless, be a stinging criticism echoing for years in your brain. Owwwwww. Maybe such words were even meant as an attempted joke. Happens all day long these days in our modern culture of sarcasm It's an easy target to make fun of -- someone's first attempt at a new kind of physical ac- tion, especially movements that aspire to beauty and grace. Or for that matter, any attempt at creative expression. It's a cheap shot. Comedy sketches are full of them. But this kind of "joking" is actually more often a symptom of defensiveness -- it's an expression of the joker's own nervous insecurity. A put-down of another person is a (wrong) way of making oneself feel superior. Thus, criticizing words are way too often verbal- ized in our culture way too easily, the person not even being serious about it. Emotional damage is happening all too often, wounding our squishy, sensitive inner psyche, Unfortunately, flippant criticism sticks in our brain like Velcro, whereas sincere compliments fall off like Teflon. So we are unwittingly creating a society of sad dance-phobics. Yeah, sure those Danc- ing with the Stars celeb- rities look great. (Cheryl Burke I still worship you) But no way do you want to show your lack of skill in front of any such a trigger-happy audience, right? Why risk the social embarrassment that you are pretty sure will come from the inevitable snide comments. So with all that negativ- ity surrounding you, its quite understandable if there's no way you want to risk embarrassment by trying to learn social dancing. I get that. BUT... what if no one is looking? OR, what if instead of looking dumb, you actual- ly look good? What if you even look su- per COOOOOL dancing? Hmmmm?? BECAUSE... when you are feeling the rhythm of the dance steps, well, golly, gee wil- likers... its a PROVEN FACT... it's a solid law of Nature, an immutable rule physics, an indisputable pillar of psychology, that, when YOU ARE FEELING GOOD dancing. YOU LOOK GREAT! Extremely attractive, in fact. Yes, finding that happy FEELING in dance, will DEFINITELY make you LOOK GOOD in front of your friends and family, look VERY good in fact. So good that you will prove all those negative critics wrong, including yourself. BUT . . . in order to start FEELING good while dancing ... you've got to actually START DANC- ING.... So why not start NOW? Join our positive, en- couraging community of unabashed happy danc- ers www.PeggyDance. weebly.com Dr. Jessica Santillano Contributed Photo Bigstock Photo THEME: FOOTBALL

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