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August 5, 2013

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A U G U S T 5 , 2 0 1 3 / Y O U R b u s i n e s s - t o - b u s i n e s s w e e k ly SPECIAL FOCUS WHY GIVING IS GOOD BUSINESS This month, VEGAS INC highlights philanthropy in the business community. LAWMAKER TAKES ONE MORE RUN AT LEGALIZING ONLINE POKER LEILA NAVIDI (2012) GIVING BACK: Volunteers serve a hot turkey dinner on Christmas to feed homeless and needy people and families. The dinner and clothing disbursement was organized by Broken Chains Outreach, a Las Vegas homeless ministry. In general, locals fall short when it comes to giving back to the community. What can be done to encourage philanthropy? By VEGAS INC Staff L as Vegas is home to a staggering amount of wealth, but residents fall short when it comes to philanthropy. ¶ Nevada dropped from the ninth most generous state in 2004 to the 37th in 2009, with contributions falling 34 percent while average incomes fell only 6 per- By Anjeanette Damon Repeated attempts to legalize online poker at the federal level have failed. Sen. Harry Reid has said that the prospects of legislation passing are more than slim. So individual states have taken the ball and run. Still, one Republican congressman is on a mission to make online poker legal under federal law. U.S. Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, at the behest of the Poker Players Alliance, is taking a second stab at introducing legislation that would make online poker legal for players — no matter which state they live in — and give the federal government regulatory oversight of the practice. Barton says he's doing it not just because he thinks it's sound policy, but because he plays and loves the game. (Barton's father reportedly gave up his ambition of being a professional poker player to marry Barton's mother.) see ONLINE GAMING, page 14 INSIDE TODAY ASIAN TAKEOVER | P. 6 cent. ¶ That isn't to say the city lacks generous donors. To be sure, many community members Revenue is growing in leaps and bounds for casino companies in Macau go above and beyond with giving and charity work. ¶ But what can be done to increase their IMMIGRATION REFORM | P. 7 ranks? What needs to happen to encourage philanthropy in the valley? ¶ The people doing Pending legislation would increase the number of merit-based visas issued some of the most giving weighed in: THE LIST | P. 22 20130805_VI01_F.indd 1 see PHILANTHROPY, page 16 Subcontractors, by number of employees 8/1/13 2:13:03 PM

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