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May 05, 2022

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Page 2 - Rutherford Weekly 828-248-1408 Thursday, May 5-May 11, 2022 I POSSESS BY FAR THE MOST ADVANCED LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE WITH 20 YEARS AS A STATE TROOPER AND FEDERAL AIR MARSHAL. WITH MY BACKGROUND AND BROAD SKILL SET I WILL PROFESSIONALLY LEAD THE SHERIFF'S OFFICE AND EARN BACK THE TRUST OF THE PEOPLE. THIS IS A CRITICAL ELECTION. YOUR VOTE FOR THEO ON MAY 17 WILL BRING MUCH NEEDED CHANGE AND NOT MORE OF THE SAME. Paid for by Steve Theodoropoulos, Republican, for Sheriff r Sheriff THEO for SHERIFF Steve "Theo" Theodoropoulos TRANSPARENCY- Within the agency is imperative for the community to trust the men and women who serve this county. I will form a Civilian Review Board to provide oversight, transparency, and promote community involvement so the people in this county know what is happening in real-time. ACCOUNTABILITY AT ALL TIMES – My department will meet the highest standards of community police work. It is very important that the entire county is patrolled and that all reports are followed up in a timely manner. As your Sheriff I will review every single policy and procedure within the office ensuring a fair and just work environment. There will be sound fiscal management and accountability of financial resources. YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS – I honor the Second Amendment and your right to bear arms. Know this - As your Sheriff I will be 100% guided by the United States Constitution, and the state laws of North Carolina. I will not enforce any un-constitutional orders given by a Governor. I will do everything in my power to protect and preserve your rights and that is an unwavering promise! I will also work overtime to ensure anyone who wants a concealed carry permit may legally obtain one. PROFESSIONALISM – I will raise the level of professionalism to earn back the trust of the people. I will increase the level of training. I will ensure Courtesy, Service, and Protection for the People. FAIR AND EQUAL TREATMENT FOR ALL WITH NO DISCRIMINATION, NO FAVORITISM. I am NOT part of this current system. ACCESSIBILITY - As your Sheriff I will always have an open-door policy and will always be very available to speak with anyone. I will be in uniform and out patrolling daily. I WILL AGGRESSIVELY CLOSE THE DRUG HOUSES! I WILL CONDUCT TRAFFIC STOPS/ VEHICLE SAFETY CHECK POINTS (this is NOT about violations – it's about stopping the drugs entering this county!) THIS IS HOW THE DRUGS ARE COMING IN! ANIMAL WELFARE – Committed to enforcing all state and county statutes. I am willing to work with any group that can help improve the protection of animals. I will NOT tolerate animal abuse. IMMEDIATELY PERFORM AUDITS – I will perform a complete audit of the Sheriff's office, Property Room, and Jail which will provide critical information for needed improvements and transparency to the public. FUNDING AND RESOURCES- I will work hard to obtain outside funding from all available resources to add needed staff and meet equipment needs. DRUG REHABILITATION AND MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES – I will fight for resources to provide assistance with both mental health issues and drug rehabilitation. Will work to improve community involvement. STRENGTHEN MULTI-JURISDICTION AGREEMENTS – I will effectively and openly work together with all surrounding agencies for better "real time" communication and to achieve better enforcement results. MY PLAN

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