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April 13, 2022

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D-4 Wednesday, April 13, 2022 The Press-Dispatch HISTORY Submit history photos: Call: 812-354-8500 Email: or bring in a hard copy: 820 E. Poplar Street, Petersburg Source: • Photo source: Wednesday, April 13 • Apollo 13 oxygen tank explodes (1970) • Tiger Woods wins his first Mas- ters (1997) Thursday, April 14 • Lincoln is shot (1865) • Webster's American Diction- ary of the English Language is printed (1818) Friday, April 15 • Jackie Robinson is the first A f- rican American player in the MLB (1947) • "Unsinkable" Titanic sinks (1912) Saturday, April 16 • Hallucinogenic effects of L SD discovered (1943) • Apollo 16 departs for the moon (1972) Sunday, April 17 • Apollo 13 returns to Earth (1970) • Ford Mustang debuts at World's Fair (1964) Monday, April 18 • The Great San Francisco Earth- quake (1906) • Revere and Dawes warn of Brit- ish attack (1775) Tuesday, April 19 • First Boston Marathon held (1897) • The American Revolution be- gins (1775) Let me take care of all your lawn needs! • Yard Mowing/Trimming • Landscape Maintenance • Pressure Washing • General Cleanup • Brush Clearing Call or text Ty Burns at 812-582-5236 Burns LAWN CARE & PRESSURE WASHING SATISFACTION GUARANTEED INSURED Free Estimates Since 1943 • Satisfied Customers Are Our Best Advertising SIEMERS GLASS CO. INC. WE REPAIR OR REPLACE: Shower Glass • Door & Window Glass Mirrors • Screens • Home • Automotive ASK US ABOUT AWNINGS, TOO! Made to Order • Free Quotes WE INSTALL NEW GLASS SHOWER DOORS AND PANELS We Specialize In Insurance Work • Mobile Service Available • Pickup and Delivery HOURS: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 902 NEWTON ST., JASPER (812) 634-6500 1251 E. BROADWAY, PRINCETON (812) 386-1100 or 1-800-793-1676 SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO The Petersburg Press Friday and Tuesday, April 11 and 15, 1947 Hecht Lackey, Manager of Radio Station WSON, Hender- son, Ky., announced today that Federal Radio and Telephone Corporation 3 Kilo Watt trans- mitter has been received along with transmission line. Plans are being made to coordinate with WMLL -Evansville, so lis- teners may have at least one station to which they may tune any hour of the day. A wall of ice crushes bath- house, with gale velocity winds during the recent midwest bliz- zard, which pushed a 40 -foot wall of ice up the Saginaw Val- ley at Bay City, Mich. The VFW had its first open house in their new building on Min Street, Petersburg, last Tuesday night. A fish fry was served followed by the installa- tion of officers which included Don Wyatt, commander, T. A. Phillips, senior vice command- er, James Beadles, junior vice commander, Jack Hayes, quar- ter-master, James Thomas, ad- jutant, Warren Pouder, chap- lain, and Sherman Patterson, officer of the day. The organi- zation has grown and is build- ing a group pledged to the bet- terment of all veterans and the community in which they re- side. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. He- ber Benjamin, a son, Allen, Fri- day. Marriages: Alma June Harper and Charles E. Har- binson were married on Eas- ter Sunday, April 6, at the home of Rev. R. G. Skidmore; Betsy Ann Duncan and Everett Love- less were married Easter Sun- day, April 6, at the home of Rev. Grover C. Krieg. Deaths: Maggie Colvin Murrary, 72, died Monday at her home near Union; Alvin M. Hayden, 72, of Princeton, formerly of Pike County, died Thursday afternoon, at the Gib- son General hospital; Pleasant G. Thomas, 76, died Wednes- day afternoon, at his home near Bethel church in Daviess Coun- ty; John Kitter, 77, died Friday, at his Augusta home. SIXTY YEARS AGO The Pike County Dispatch Thursday, Apr. 12, 1962 Rex Hume, freshman in the Winslow school, won a ten-day trip to Portugal and Spain in competition sponsored by The Courier and Press and Parade Magazine. Rex was selected from among a number of news- paper carriers who added Sun- day subscribers to their routes. He is a straight "A" student in school and is a ham radio en- thusiast. As a 4-H club project he has built radio receiving and transmitting equipment. He is also interested in music, sing- ing in the Winslow high choir and the General Baptist church youth choir and playing oboe and piano in the school band. Rex, who has never taken a trip by airplane, will leave New York May 3, 1962. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hume. 4-H'ers have a barrel of fun at the annual Share the Fun Con- test. The combination of two of the Spurgeon 4-H clubs and two boys from the Alford Jeeps were the top winners in the Pike county Share the Fun Contest. The Spurgeon group, 15 mem- bers in all, presented a mildly hilarious skit entitled "Dunk- lin County Missouri School Days." In the Curtain Acting Division (five or less members in the act), John Anderson, as- sisted by Bill Newkirk of Alford Jeeps club, presented a mod- ernized version of an old fairy tale. There were nearly 200 people in attendance. Second place in the group event was awarded to a group of young la- dies from the Four Leaf Clover club of Bowman. These young- sters presented the Charleston to the group. In the Curtain Act, second place was award- ed to Vicky Black and Sammy Curtis of the Crowville club. These two did a baton twirl- ing and dance routine. A total of 15 acts representing 13 clubs were presented. Acts included twirling, dancing, pantomim- ing and singing numbers. A to- tal of 61 club members partici- pated in the show and most of them brought their own cheer- ing section. There was a capac- ity crowd on hand for the event and all were pleased with the judges decisions. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. John Henke, of Stendal, a daughter, Kelly Jo; To Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gray of Columbus, Ohio, a son, David Derek, April 5; To Mr. and Mrs. Richard Far- ley, of Fort Wayne, a son, April 9; To Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Eller- bruck, of Evansville, a daugh- ter, Julie Ann, Saturday; To Mr. and Mrs. George Hardin, of Otwell, a son, Timothy Da- vid, Thursday, April 5; To Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Cannon, of Pe- tersburg, a daughter Dana De- nise, April 2; To Mr. and Mrs. Jack Simmons, of Oakland City, a daughter, Michelle Renee, Thursday, April 5. Deaths: Ralph B. Shandy, 73, well known and highly re- spected Petersburg business man, died Saturday, April 7, at his home; Uncle Daniel McK- inney, 84, died Wednesday afternoon, at Welborn Bap- tist, after becoming serious- ly ill at his Spurgeon home; Rev. Raymond Willis, 70, one of Pike counties beloved citi- zen, died Tuesday, at the Da- viess County hospital;Rosina C. Eilert, 89, mother of Pike county Democratic chairman, David Eilert, died Thursday, April 5, at the Stork hospital; Beatrice Hathaway, 54, wife of Hathaway's service station owner and operator, Bernard Hathaway, died Sunday, in the Stork Memorial Hospital; Rev. Chris W. Parks, who was pas- tor of the Winslow Christian church several years ago, died Wednesday, in the Stork Me- morial Hospital; Essie Stewart, 80, one of the wealthiest wom- en in Pike county, died Monday, April 9, at the Daviess County hospital; Dr. Ollie U. Poth, 78, former resident of Otwell, re- tired government meat inspec- tor and veterinarian, died Mon- day, in the Gibson General hos- pital; Lona B. Smith, 65, died Thursday, at her Oakland City home; William Moore, 80, for- merly of Oakland City, funeral services were held on Monday; Curtis E. Greek, of Hartville, Ohio, his wife was the former Irene Harper of Petersburg, died March 27; Boss Kellams, 65, of Petersburg, died Satur- day, April 7, at a hospital in South Bend; Elluria Kays, 83, of Pike county, died sometime Saturday night, she was found dead in her bed on Tuesday af- ternoon by her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Hight Tegmeyer; Homer Sterns, 49, died Wednesday, April 11, at Anchorage, Ala., his parents were residence of Pike county. FIFTY YEARS AGO The Press-Dispatch Thursday, Apr. 13, 1972 Emil Loveless was injured Thursday evening when he was changing tires on a manure spreader. He had a jack under it which slipped causing the weight of the spreader to fall on his arm and chest and he was pinned underneath for awhile. His wife, Frances, was outside, heard him and stopped a pass- erby to help lift the spreader off him. Loveless was taken to the Gibson General hospital where he was treated for broken ribs. University of Evansville dean's list for the winter quar- ter includes Sam L. Padgett and Joe A. Dedman, Winslow, Charles E. Morman, Peters- burg, and Charlene Goff. Frank Frome, owner of Frome Construction Compa- ny, Jasper, showed films of his expedition in A frica to sev- enth, eighth, and 10th grade social studies classes of Otwell High School, April 5. The film showed animals and some na- tive customs, such as the way the elephant meat is dried. A f- ter an animal has been shot, the hunters always give the rest of the animal to the villag- ers, thereby wasting no meat. The film showed a celebration dance by an A frican tribe. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mickow, of Hawesville, Ky., a son, Clint Daniel; To Mr. and Mrs. James Kabrick, of Ot- well, a son, Brandon Ty, Thurs- day, April 6; To Mr. and Mrs. Michael Howard, of Oakland City, a son, Gregory Scott; To Mr. and Mrs. Ted Killion, of Washington, a son, Sean Pat- rick, Monday, April 3; To Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCarty, Me- tairie, L A, a daughter, Marga- ret Ruth; To Mr. and Mrs. Jer- ry Feidler, of Oaklan City, a daughter, Dawn Michelle, Fri- day, April 7. Marriages: Gynith Arlene Deen and Sammy Sheldon Day- were wed on Saturday, March 25; Paul R. Grable and Mar- tha Ann Stork Selby, both of Petersburg; David Lee South- wood, Petersburg and Velma Lorraine Eads, Winslow. Deaths: Cora Elizabeth Van- laningham, 87, of Winslow, died Thursday, April 6; Arvel Duke, 79, of Seelyville, Tuesday, April 4; Lloyd Skinner, 69, of Spur- geon, died Friday, April 7; Os- car C. Shurig, 73, of Oakland City, died Tuesday, April 11; Anna M. Weiberle, 88, of Oak- land City, formerly of Peters- burg, died Thursday; Clyde A. Schnarr, 59, Haysville, died Sat- urday, April 8; Andrew I. Brit- tain, 73, of Winslow, died Tues- day, April 11; Herman E. Max- ey, 81, of Oakland City, died Saturday; John A. L. Smith, of Oakland City, died Thursday. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO The Press-Dispatch Thursday, Apr. 10, 1997 Master Gardeners Joann Teague and Dianne Froeh- le were busy cleaning out the concrete planters along Main Street in Petersburg on Mon- day morning. Teague and Froe- hle are taking part in a program through Purdue Extension. Firefighters from three de- partments battled a barn/ga- rage fire on Thursday at the residence of Jan and Gene Stan- kovich, just outside of Winslow. North Patoka firefighter Chris Loveless said Mrs. Stankovich had gone out earlier to build a fire and gone back in the resi- dence. Loveless said when she went back outside the barn was engulfed in flames. He said the heat from the flames was so intense that it melted the tail lights of two vehicles parked in a building about 40 feet from the barn. Firefighters from North Patoka and South Patoka and Winslow battled the blaze for three hours. County councilmen voted 5 -1 to approve an ordinance giving Landis Staefa author- ity to proceed with a $2 mil- lion project to upgrade the courthouse. Included in the project is a complete rewiring of the courthouse beginning where the wire comes into the building all the way to install new lighting and 200 addition- al electrical outlets. "Anyone doubting the need for new wir- ing just needs to look around any of the offices at the mess of wires," said Commissioner President Ed Kluemper. The project also includes replacing the current heating boiler and steam radiator system with a new forced air system requir- ing duct work. Another part of the system would be to install central air conditioning. Coun- ty Auditor Ruth Gross said the county's Cumulative Capital Development fund, which has a tax rate of seven cents gen- erates about $125,000 per year. A 10 -year payment plan would require the county to make two payments of $109,317 per year. Councilman Myreon Kro- hn was the only councilman to vote against the ordinance. "I am in favor of doing the elec- trical work, but not the others. I don't think we can look into a crystal ball and see what is going to happen." Other coun- cilmen all voted in favor of the ordinance. Council President Roger Craig said it was an ex- pensive project, "but we are at a point in time when we have to do it." Births: To Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Nolan, of Petersburg, a daughter, Eleanor Joan, Mar. 25, at the Daviess County hos- pital. Marriages: Stephanie A. Reas and Kerry D. Frederick were married. Deaths: Leonel Dobbyn, 81, of Washington, died Saturday, Mar. 29, at his home; Mildred Colvin, 72 of Petersburg, died Friday, April 4, at Memorial Hospital; Mildred Nossett, 89, of Princeton, died Friday, April 4 at Crestview Nursing Home; Fred Colbert, 86, of Washing- ton, died Friday, April 4, at Da- viess County Hospital, Charles Lyden, 67, of Lawrenceville, Ill., died Sunday, April 6, at his home. Seymore Robling family In the photo are Seymore and Elizabeth in the center holding some of the children. The others in the pho- to include George, Prentice, Rentice, Marie, Maude, Mirtle, Minnie, Ola, Annie and Audie. The Roblings lived in the Winslow area and the photo was taken about 1907. Photo submitted by Lana Merriman, who is a granddaugh- ter of the Roblings.

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