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April 07, 2022

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From its humble beginning in a white frame wooden church building to the sprawling campus of Florence Baptist Church in Forest City today - the mission of the church has not changed in the past 100 years. Members are challenged to bring all the people together for worship, study, fellowship, training and then go out and share the message. Today from its youngest church goer - Evelyn Jewel (Evie J.), the daughter of Philip and Amber Styles born Feb 24, 2022 to the eldest, Dot Culbertson, who turns 100 on Dec. 12, 2022, the church opens its arms to all who enter its doors. Two-month-old Evie J. is expected to attend the 100th anniversary service on April 10 with her parents. Depending on her health, 99-year-old Dot Harris Culbertson may not be able to attend. The generations that separate these two families is a testimony the doors are open to all ages and there are programs for everyone. Amber and Philip began attending Florence while in college and after graduating found Florence to be the church they needed for this time in their lives. Evie's mother Amber said her family knows the support system they have at Florence and want to be a part of its continued support and growth. Culbertson, who came to Florence as a child with her parents Gaither and Lilly Harris and their other children, has been confi ned to her home since the pandemic, due to various health issues. Up until the pandemic she was a faithful church goer, always sitting on the right side of the auditorium. Her brother, Cecil Harris, who is 94, said he would love to be able to attend the celebration, but being a Georgia resident, it's doubtful he can make the trip. Harris remembers his family always attending services. On one winter Sunday morning when the snow covered the grounds and Mr. Harris couldn't get the family car out of the driveway, Mr. Cecil said his Dad made a way to get to the service. Mr. Cecil was set to get his fi ve-year Sunday School attendance pin that day and they could not miss the service. "He put tow (feed) sacks on his feet and legs and made a path for me to follow him. We walked all the way across town to church. Just us," Mr. Cecil recalled. But when they got to church, services had been canceled. "I can still see Daddy walking ahead of me clearing a path," he said. Understandably disappointed. Mr. Cecil was afraid he wouldn't get his pin. Of course, he did. After graduating college at UNC-Chapel Hill, Mr. Cecil left Forest City for his work, but his sister, Dot and her husband the late Reid Cutbertson remained. WHEN FLORENCE BEGAN A century ago on April 9,1922 a congregation of people gathered at the Florence Welfare Building in Forest City to organize a Baptist Church. The group had earlier heard the passionate words of Rev. C. C. Matheny, then pastor of the Alexander Baptist Church, as he addressed the crowd from the platform of the old train depot across the Florence Mill. Matheny expressed the need for a church for those living in the Florence Mill Village. Members of Florence Church might tell friends today they were told Rev. Matheny saw the large number of homes and families connected to Florence Mill and he envisioned a church for the mill village folks. Members might also tell you history shows Matheny's dream began reality when on Sunday, April 9,1922, when a large number of people gathered at the welfare building on the north end of Harmon Street in Forest City for the purpose of organizing a Baptist Church. Charter members were Mrs. Evie Baynard, Lydia Baynard, Nellie Baynard, Nannie Beam, Mr. and Mrs, George Earley, Mr. and Mrs. Goode Flack, A.H. Hames, Mr. and Mrs Carl Henderson, Marshall Henderson, Maud Hill, Mrs. G.F. Hill, William, Hill, Mr and Mrs Charlie Jackson, Effi e Jackson, Nannie Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Graham Lynch, Russell Nanney, Mr. And Mrs. J.T. Ross, Mr. and Mrs. George Shytles, Myrtle Street, Mr. and Mrs. Winfred Webb, A.C. White, Lula White and Mary Belle Wilson. Continued on page 8. ISSUE NO. 14 • April 7, 2022 ISSUE NO. 14 • April 7, 2022 • • • 828-248-1408 • 828-248-1408 Our 30 th Year • Over 25,000 Weekly Readers 345 South Broadway, Forest City 828-245-8067 IN HOUSE FINANCING IN HOUSE FINANCING M O O RE ' S AUTO S ALES ©Community First Media Community First Media BRING YOUR VEHICLE BY FOR US TO LOOK AT! NO APPRAISAL FEE CHARGED! Top Top Dollar Paid! Dollar Paid! YOUR VEHICLE YOUR VEHICLE We Want to Buy We Want to Buy 6P LW K 7 UDG L QJ 3RV W STP 828-289-6699 WE BUY GOLD 131 W Main St., Spindale Beside Barley's $$$CASH ON THE SPOT WE HAVE MONEY FOR YOU BUYING & SELLING ANYTHING OF VALUE, ANTIQUES, JEWELRY, MORE! OVER 30 YEARS OF SERVICE! PAWN SHOP Article Provided By: Jean Gordon. Photos Contributed. "Mill village church" celebrates 100 years "Mill village church" celebrates 100 years OUR SPRING EDITION! OUR SPRING EDITION! Pastors h who have served Fl Florence since Rev. C. C. Ma h theny in l cl d ude Rev. Z.D. Harrill, Rev. L.N. Epley, Rev. E. W. Bailey, Rev. C. C. Matheny, Rev. W. W. Padgett Rev. F.E. Dabney, Rev. F.A. Mauney, Rev. T. W. Estes, Re Rev. v. K.R .R. La Laws wson on, , Re Rev. v. Oli lin He Hefn fner er, , Re Rev. v. Dan an Str traw aw and nd Dr. r. Gan antt tt. Florence Baptist Church - the fi rst building The Florence Baptist Church campus today

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