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March 31, 2022

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The Tide 5 Southern Region group, headquartered in Vicksburg, Mississippi, arrived the fi rst week of March and will be in Rutherford County until the fi rst of May. In just a few days after arriving the 10-member team roofed two houses, assisted on handicapped ramp building and renovations of other houses. The Tide 5 team was assisted during the second week of March by a team of volunteers from North Carolina State University (NCSU). The visiting team spent their alternative spring break in Rutherford County helping with Rutherford Housing Partnership (RHP) projects. A Rutherford County native Zaida Cilone, 18, is the team's communications director during their time in Rutherford County, a job that fi ts her perfectly since she's familiar with the area and its people. The son of Mr. and Mrs John Cilone, Zaida said the team is excited to be working in her home county. In addition to Zaida of Bostic, who was homeschooled here in Rutherford County, other team members are Kyle Scheer, 23, University of Iowa from Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Jaden Briggs, 20, Shakoee, Minnesota; Cody Baker, 22, MSU, Albany, Michigan; Claire O'Hearn, 18, Frenchtown, New Jersey; Austin Franklin, 25, Hermiston, Oregon; Jack Impastato, 18, Ohio; Genevieve Meadows, 22, Williamsburg, Virginia; Maria Rusnak, 25, New Orleans, Louisiana and Beth Lumia, 23, Syracuse, New York. "In two days, volunteers from NC State and AmeriCorps completely reroofed one roof and did half of another," said Mel Ailiff, executive director of RHP during the group's fi rst days here. "Working this fast helps Rutherford Housing Partnership serve EVEN more families faster and for less money." "Having the opportunity to host these AmeriCorps members really makes an impact on the community," Ailiff said. "We are able to better leverage donated dollars with the work that the members do, helping us to serve about three times the number of families we could have, if we didn't have the members... Members come to our community with a 'ready to serve' attitude and work hard to get things done." During their time here, the AmeriCorps group will help with roofs, ramps, fl oor repairs and other renovations and projects on homes owned by RHP, preparing them for rent or sale. Members of the AmeriCorps team said they are enjoying Rutherford County and the work. "I was pretty excited to come to Rutherford County. I have lived in North Carolina before, and I was excited to come back. Also, since one of my teammates lives here, it was great to come and meet her family and get a proper tour from a local," said Ohio native Jack Impastato. Beth Lumia of Syracuse said her goal while here is "to make meaningful relationships with the project sponsors and community members. We will also meet the expectations of the sponsor such as ramp building, roofi ng, interior and exterior work." Being able to see the impact of their work is the most gratifying, said Austin Franklin. AmeriCorps NCCC is for 18 to 24 year olds. "So, there is a good mix of both high school graduates, college graduates, and those taking a gap year," Zaida said. "I just graduated high school and wasn't sure it was the right time for college or a career. I think AmeriCorps is a great option for those in my boat. It has been an amazing learning experience and defi nitely helped me fi nd my path." Last October, the Tide 5 team joined others in Louisiana for numerous projects. They spent two weeks on the ground, assisting homeowners in St. Charles Parish and surrounding areas. RHP is also seeking volunteers and donations to help low income Rutherford County homeowners live in safe homes. Anyone wishing to volunteer can call 828-248-3431 and talk with Ailiff. 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WE OUR READERS! The Tide 5 Southern Region AmeriCorps team (front, left to right): Kyle Scheer, Zaida Cilone, Claire O'Hearn, Genevieve Meadows; second row: Maria Rvinak, Jack Impartato, Cody Baker, Beth Lumia, Jaden Briggs and Austin Frankin. Team members removing shingles. Jack Impartato and Kyle Scheer cutting trim for the windows. The AmeriCorps team joined by NCSU students (above) were able to work on two roofs and help with a handicapped ramp. Building a ramp.

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