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January 26, 2022

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The Press-Dispatch Wednesday, Januar y 26, 2022 C-3 CHURCH Submit church items: Call: 812-354-8500 Email: or bring in a hard copy: 820 E. Poplar Street, Petersburg The Word of God declares in Hebrews 11:6 that "without faith it is impossible to please Him." There is nothing that will haunt a man like the fear that God may be displeased with him, nor any joy comparable to the assurance that He is pleased. It is foolish, however, to sup- pose that we can please God with the things we think He desires. We must give Him what He says He desires. Thank God, it is not dif- ficult to determine this, for He tells us again and again in His Word that it is faith He de- sires most of all. He wants us to trust Him, to take Him at His Word. The Bible tells us at length how God loved us in spite of our sin and gave His blessed Son to die on Calvary's tree to clear our title to heav- en, but alas, instead of taking Him at His Word, thousands turn away from His gracious offer, "going about to establish their own righteous- ness" (Rom.10 :3). They do "good works" and make great sac- rifices, thinking that a God of love will sure- ly accept their efforts and overlook their sins. But this is presumption, not faith. How can a just God overlook sin? We should thank Him that in His matchless love He himself paid for The church page is made possible by the following firms and businesses: Amber Manor Care Center Petersburg — 812-354-3001 Benner & Co. Heating and Air Petersburg — 812-354-3433 Computers Plus Radio Shack Petersburg — 812-354-9633 DougGlass DBA Hold Everything Self Storage — 812-354-1110 Four Star Fabricators Petersburg — 812-354-9995 Harris Funeral Home 7th and Walnut Streets, Petersburg Phone: 812-354-8844 MK Farms Mike and Kay Anson Monroe City, Winslow — 812-890-5012 Play & Learn Preschool Campbelltown — 812-354-3999 CHURCH CHURCH Notes Notes Notes Ramblings of my mind By Lowell Thomas 'Papers, please' Points to Ponder By Curtis Bond See MINUTES on page 5 See POINTS on page 5 See R AMBLINGS on page 5 Faith versus presumption Minutes with the Bible By Pastor Cornelius R. Stam In the news is a fascinating story about a 57-year-old man, David Bennett of Maryland, who received a pig heart transplant. Doc- tors had deemed Bennet ineligible for a hu- man heart transplant. Without a transplant, he would soon die. "It was either die or do this transplant," Mr. Bennett said before the surgery. "I want to live. I know it's a shot in the dark, but it's my last choice." So far, the groundbreaking experimental operation has been successful. The heart is beating on its own and they have taken Bennett off the heart-lung machine. He has a long way to go, but doctors are guard- edly optimistic his heart will give him more time to live. Thousands of people every day are told they have life-ending diseases. Some are told there is little which can be done to prolong their life. At that moment, their future stops. A somber reality sets in. Six years ago, I had a church secretary who was also a great Lay Speaker and volunteer. I often kidded her about when did she find time to sleep. Not feeling well, she went to her doctor. A f- ter a battery of tests, she was told she had ter- minal liver cancer; and this type of cancer was fatal within two years. She frankly announced that she was going to continue serving God un- til she died. She died about two years later, full of hope and love for God. I had a twin brother who was the pastor of a growing church. A year ago, he had some stroke like symptoms and went to the hospi- tal ER. In a matter of hours tests revealed he had several lesions on his brain. A biopsy con- firmed he had Glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer. Surgery was not an option. He was given the option of undergoing radiation and che- motherapy treatment. This therapy sometimes Hello, time to write a few words about last week and maybe a point or two for us to consid- er. Been a hard week to put up with and some of it was my own fault. I have to admit some- times my upbringing gets in my way at times. I have said it before how as a child I was ter- ribly spoiled and it has taken a toll on how I view things often. I wasn't spoiled with too many material things, but I was sassy little brat who had lit- tle respect for what I did get. I threw fits which had to be a total embarrassment to my fami- ly. I acted foolishly. Whenever I got into first grade something happened and for some rea- son I got along in school fairly well. In those earlier days punishment could be meted out which often left an impression on the seat of your pants. Being the brat didn't work in school and the seat of the pants thought stayed with you. I fi- nally learned to respect what I had and my par- ents when I was almost out of school although I did learn earlier that if you wanted to be re- spected you had to show some respect. I do believe kids today have more than we did, but it seems as though it takes more to keep them entertained. As a child I always Assembly of God RIVER OF LIFE 342 E. CR 300 N., Petersburg Sunday morning worship 10 a.m.; Sunday evening worship 6 p.m. and Consumed youth group 7 p.m.; Wednesday eve- ning Bible study 7 p.m.; Men's ministry meeting every other Thursday 10 a.m. If you would like a ride to and from church services, call WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY OF GOD 320 S. Meridian Street Washington Sunday school 9:30 a.m.; morning worship 10 :30 a.m.; Wednesday evening dinner and Bible study at 6 p.m. 812-354-8800. Jim Gidcumb, Pastor Baptist Baptist Baptist Monday 8-7 • Tuesday 8-noon • Wednesday 10-7 • Thursday & Friday 8-5 eye exams • dry eye solutions prescription lenses • eye disease treatment Call to book your appointment today for safe in-offi ce treatment. Don't Neglect Your Eye Health. We're Open to See You Now! Dr. Clint Shoultz 715 S. 9th St., Petersburg 812-354-9400 Locally Owned and Operated AYRSHIRE VALLEY G.B. CHURCH 1947 E. Co. Rd. 375 S. Winslow Phone: 812-354-3862 Sunday school 9:30 a.m., Jim King, superintendent, Paul Couts, assistant; morning wor- ship 10 :30 a.m.; Sunday evening 6:30 p.m.; Wednesday evening Bible study 6:30 p.m. My hope and prayer for all people who read this is that you will make a decision to confess the past, repent from your sins and accept Jesus as the Savior and Lord. See our Facebook page: reValleyGB. Frank A. Coleman, Pastor BETHEL G.B. CHURCH 4933 E. Co. Rd. 900 S. Stendal Sunday school at 9:30 a.m.; morning worship at 10 :30 a.m.; First and third Wednes- day of each month, Bible study at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, January 30, fifth Sunday, Communion during morning worship service. Wednesday, Feb. 2, Bible study. Studying Isaiah 1-4. Sunday, Feb. 6, Assistant Sunday. Sunday, Feb. 13, Business meeting after morning wor- ship service; Love My Church Sunday. Wednesday, Feb. 16, Bible study. Studying Isaiah 5 -8. Sunday, Feb. 27, fourth Sun- day, offering to building fund. Bible Trivia Last week's answer to: The first song in the Bible and the last song in the Bible are written by the same person. Who? Answer: Mo- ses. Reference: Exodus 15:1, Revelation 15:3. Q: The person who cam- paigned to make himself a judge was _________. An- swer to come next week. Steve Selby, Pastor Elaine Barrett, Reporter FBC Petersburg 8th and Poplar Street Petersburg 812-354-6582 American Baptist Church Our Vision is to Engage with God and equip Christians to Reach Out, Show Love and Serve our Community. Join us on Sunday morn- ings at 10 :30 a.m. in-person or online ( YouTube or Face- book) for a time of fellowship and Christ-centered instruc- tion from God's Word. Sunday school starts at 9:30 a.m. for all ages. Adult Bible study and youth group meet Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. We hope to see you here. Michael Miller, Pastor MT. PISGAH G.B. CHURCH 6100 S. Augusta Broadway Street Winslow Pastor 812-582-0756 Sunday morning worship at 10 :15 a.m.; children Sun- day school during the morn- ing worship; Cross Fit youth on Sunday evening at 6 p.m.; Consume on Wednesday eve- ning at 6:30 p.m. Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving (Colos- sians 4:2). Today we have learned to harness the power of the at- om, but very few have learned how to develop fully the pow- er of prayer. We have not yet learned that a man can be more powerful on his knees, than behind the most power- ful weapon ever developed. We have learned that a na- tion is more powerful when it unites in earnest prayer to God, than when its sources are channeled into weapons. We have not discovered that the answers can be can come through contact with the liv- ing God. Who knows what might WINSLOW G.B. CHURCH 600 E. Union Street Sunday school 9:30 a.m.; morning worship 10 :30 a.m.; Wednesday, adult Bible study at 6:30 p.m. You are welcome to join us. Business meeting first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Jenni Caudel has taken over as Children Church and Youth Leader. Come and see what good things she has for our children. Thought for the week: "Cre- ate in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me" (Psalm 51:10). Be in prayer for the lost, the sick, our church, our country and leaders, and always each other. Gods blessings on you this week. Try to be kind and show God's love, because everyone is fighting some kind of battle. If you don't have a church home, we invite you to any of our services. Gary Watson, Pastor Nyles Head, Assoc. Pastor Jenni Caudel, Children Leader Kathy Henderson, Reporter BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH An Independent Baptist Church 4995 N. Co. Rd. 850 E. Otwell (Meeting in the Iva Union Church building) Sunday school for children and adults 9 a.m.; Sunday morn- ing worship service 10 a.m.; Sun- day evening service, Youth Group (6th grade through 19 years old), and Patch Club (four years old through 5th grade) 6 p.m.; Thurs- day, prayer service 7 p.m. Scott Fulcher, Pastor happen if millions of believ- ers around the world availed themselves of the greatest privilege this side of Heaven, the privilege of intercessory prayer? Will you be one? If at any time you have no church to attend, feel free to join us for services. Your pres- ence will be appreciated, and I'm sure you will feel the bless- ing of God. May God bless each and everyone. Jerry "Tuffy" Blackwell, Pastor Sharon Kendall, Reporter

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