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January 20, 2022

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ISSUE NO. 3 • January 20, 2022 ISSUE NO. 3 • January 20, 2022 • • • 828-248-1408 • 828-248-1408 Our 30 th Year • Over 25,000 Weekly Readers WE WILL BUY WE WILL BUY YOUR CAR TODAY! YOUR CAR TODAY! 345 S Broadway, Forest City 828-245-8067 M O O RE 'S AUTO S ALES ©communityfi rstmedia NOW OFFERING NOW OFFERING 187 NORTH POWELL STREET, FOREST CITY ADAS Calibration In House On Vehicles ADAS Calibration In House On Vehicles Equipped With Front-View Cameras Equipped With Front-View Cameras A Rutherford County man traveled to Mayfi eld, Kentucky just before Christmas to take supplies to tornado victims that were donated from people across the county. Steve Levinson lives in Gilkey with his family and has spent the past 15 years of his life speaking on creation and is the founder of GenesisSeminars. He felt he needed to go to Kentucky to take needed supplies. He was accompanied by his brother Mike Levinson. When Steve fi rst started thinking about the trip he wasn't sure his brother Mike would go. "But he said he would at the last moment. I'm so glad we got to experience four days together to minister to folks." The deadly late-season tornado was the deadliest on record in December and produced catastrophic damage and fatalities across areas of the Southern United States and Ohio Valley with Mayfi eld being one of the hardest hit areas. Levinson said the area was "a beehive of activity as many church groups and Samaritan's Purse were there clearing trees, listening, sharing the gospel and handing out free food on the streets." Near the end of December the community was not in need of food, clothes or water since the response from across the country was so positive. "The electric company was fast and furiously doing a great job," Levinson said. Levinson said, "it's like you are on a set of a twilight movie. It's surreal." He said as he and those traveling with him came to the peak of a bridge at the edge of town, "the scene suddenly changed to what looked like a Hiroshima bomb that had exploded." Cars were upside down, tops of silos were blown off exposing grain that had recently been harvested. Levinson said there were bare trees with foundations but no homes. "Yes, you see this on TV, but being there is different. It stirs your heart. It's a lesson of life. A classroom," Levinson said of what he and Mike witnessed. Levinson said, 'truly I say, whether it's a car accident, heart attack, cancer or a tornado, the wake-up call is always — death is certain. God loves us, sent His Son to die for us and we can know for sure of heaven if we trust Jesus alone." Levinson and Mike transported a load of supplies in his Suburban that were collected through the Sandy Run Baptist Association. The collection of items was at a "moment's notice." Supplies from churches and individuals included food, water, hygiene products, fruit and snacks. Levinson's church and workplace also donated and helped to create snack bags to distribute to people in need. Levinson left his Suburban with a Kentucky family that lost a vehicle. "I felt God impressed me to leave it." His friends at Compass Aviation, a Shelby Airport ministry, picked the Levinsons up in Kentucky and fl ew them back home. Levinson, an evangelist, said the greatest need in Mayfi eld right now is knowing the Lord. "We were told more than once that Mayfi eld has a big drug problem, so a bit of prayer wouldn't hurt," he said. He said other communities in the area of Mayfi eld were also affected. "Benton is in need of help," he said. He said churches in the area will need help in rebuilding. He suggested ministers in Rutherford County might contact Kentucky ministers and see what the churches can do to help. "People here can make some calls. That would mean a whole lot, believe me," Levinson explained. "I should say if anyone wants to help, the best thing to do is to contact the locals and ask what to bring. Another side is it's not just donating a can of soup which is great, but it's being there to serve, listening and praying with folks," Levinson continued. "They are really appreciative that folks travel a long way." Levinson said anyone who goes will be a blessing. "Life is more than stuff. A true wake-up call in this case." Although he has no immediate plans to return to Kentucky, "I'm certainly glad I went as it was an opportunity to help people understand that even though we don't know why things like this happen, God can heal the broken hearted." "When you look at a picture of the Grand Canyon you might say, 'that's cool' but when you step up to the edge of it you will no doubt say, 'wow'." Levinson said that's all he and his brother kept saying as they drove around Mayfi eld and Benton, Kentucky. "The devastation was unbelievable." Even the television news reports and YouTube do not come close to letting the public fully understand the power of nature, Levinson said. "But when at Ground Zero personally, there are emotions of sadness, knowing that folks died in some of the homes we passed. Many homes surrounding a lake in Benton were literally scraped off their foundations and are now scattered at the bottom of the lake." Several old and beautiful churches were destroyed. The amazing thing was the tornado went through the "heart" of Mayfi eld. And some homes and businesses in the path were virtually untouched; as if God protected some. Levinson said he and Mike said a lot of teams from Samaritan's Purse and various groups from states across the Southern Baptist Convention were in the devastated area. December also marked Levinson's 15th year as a creation science seeker. He has spoken in 49 states and 12 countries on the truth of creation. Steve and his wife Karen Levinson are both graduates of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, where they met and married. The couple has fi ve biological children, three adopted children and nine grandchildren. Article Provided By: Jean Gordon. Photos Contributed. Levinson brothers travel to Levinson brothers travel to devastated MayÐield, Kentucky devastated MayÐield, Kentucky RUTHERFORD COUNTY'S ONLY WEEKLY NEWSPAPER! RUTHERFORD COUNTY'S ONLY WEEKLY NEWSPAPER! Mike Levinson and a Mayfi eld, Kentucky church member. A stop sign in the rubble in downtown Mayfi eld. "Stop! fasten your seat belts". Ironic. Sad. Prepare. I believe that's a sign for 2022," Levinson said. Other pictures show the unbelievable devastation in Mayfi eld.

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