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January 12, 2022

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The Press-Dispatch Wednesday, Januar y 12, 2022 D-3 PAWS WEEK PAWS WEEK Pet of the AZURE "The perfect rescue dog is out there for everybody. You just have to find it"— Josh Hopkins. This week, PAWS is fea- turing an approximate- ly nine-month-old superb beagle named A zure, who is a fun-loving beagle with lots of spirit, charisma and can often be seen bouncing about in the dog yard with a lot of spring in her step. A zure is tri-colored black, brown and white, has long floppy ears, is very playful and inquisitive, is spayed and has all her shots. She can be adopted by calling PAWS at 812-354-9894. Methodist was no longer a conviction. Such should read again the Spirit's counsel: "Buy the truth, and sell it not." He does not say: "Don't sell it un- less you can get a very good price for it." He says: "Sell it not." Sell it not at any price. Buy it, no matter what it costs and when it is yours do not sell it for any price or under any consideration. It is because the truth is so little valued in this indiffer- ent age, that many of God's people have become so spir- itually powerless. They hold opinions instead of convic- tions, because they have giv- en the infallible, unchange- able Word of God little place in their lives. God blesses and uses those who "buy the truth and sell it not." to say we are changing. Oh well, we have our parts and we can proceed so we'll leave the figuring to the mov- ers and changers. There was one day last week where we just had to take our grandson to meet his school bus. We sat and watched television all day together. It has been a long time since my wife and I got to enjoy the peace and quiet with one another. A funny thing happened while taking grandson or at least it is funny right now. The driveway to Stepping Stones is not lit very well and I turned about 30feet too soon and ended up out in the field beside the church. We drove around for a few min- utes trying to get out of that field and back on the road. There was no harm done or fouls taken but it was excit- ing. I don't seem to be able to see as well in the dark as well as I used to. I read where someone called this new road closing detour is a cir- cus. I'll second that especial- ly during dark hours. If you have trouble seeing it is made even worse by drivers who come off the highway and forget they have their bright lights on. It doesn't do much as far as safety is concerned. There are two or three yards that are taking a beating with this new detour. While I was having trou- ble this past week with si- nus drainage I discovered something that can give you a bit of relief.Drink about a half glass of ginger ale. For some reason the ginger ale did cut some of the stuff from my throat. On the coldest night we have had so far our furnace was losing out and it was struggling to keep our home warm enough. I had the fur- nace people out and we couldn't find anything wrong with our furnace. A fter try- ing a few things we discov- ered that you should not shut off rooms nor should you try to hold back any of your fur- nace's natural air flow. It is designed to put warm air out and should also have a path of return. We have one area that has the potential of stir- ring up a draft of cooler air and I was trying to keep this air from getting to the ther- mostat. Intead all I had do- ne was to disturb the natural flow of return air. Long story made shorter is to open them registers and let the air flow. This past Sunday I was able to bring the message at Mt. Tabor. It is shame they don't have a bigger congre- gation because they have a beautiful church and sever- al great God fearing people in it. Our message was about whatever we do in this world to bring us happiness and ful- fillment is just a vain effort if we don't have God in our lives. With God we have all we need. With each article I always ask you to be a blessing to someone this week, but I al- so ask you to accept bless- ings from others because we shouldn't be the only ones trying to be blessing. MINUTES RAMBLINGS Continued from page 1 Continued from page 1 POINTS Continued from page 1 Presbyterian Wesleyan Pentecostal Pentecostal Nazarene themes emerge. God is faith- ful. God keeps his word. You can trust God; and God loves you. To receive God's bless- ings requires faithful adher- ence to the commandments of God. Jesus, when tempt- ed by the devil in the wil- derness, quotes Deuteron- omy three times. The most pointed is "man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that pro- ceeds from the mouth of the LORD." Joshua had been Moses' understudy since Egypt. He was on the mountain when God spoke to Moses. He, along with Caleb, were the only spies which returned from scouting Canaan with a positive report and faith in God. His faith in God served him well during the for- ty-year wilderness journey. He was a man of faith, with an unwavering belief that God is for us and not against us. The nation would be in excellent hands with Joshua leading. Clyde Dupin is a syndicat- ed columnist whose words of wisdom and comfort grace the pages of newspa- pers across America week- ly. He began his ministry as a boy preacher at nine years old and has been in Chris- tian ministry most of his en- tire life. He has traveled the world sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with untold thousands of peo- ple coming to Christ. His ministry has been a bless- ing to people throughout the world. Known as "America's straight-talking evangelist" his life and ministry are free of scandal, which is a testi- mony to his love for Christ and the gospel. He lives what he preaches. Like those who blazed the trail before him, Clyde must relinquish the reins to some- one else. Moses established the nation and the Law. Josh- ua was to lead the people to a land of "milk and honey." Joshua was not another Mo- ses, and there will not be an- other Clyde Dupin. Joshua stepped into the void Moses' departure creat- ed; likewise God has some- one in the wings to step into the void Clyde leaves. Elisha was not Elijah, but he served with the same intensity and love for God that his men- tor Elijah possessed. When Elijah departed earth in a fi- ery chariot, Elisha wondered if the God of Elijah would shower him with the same Spirit and power. The man- tel of Elijah fell and Elijah picked it up, and the power of God was there. As our spiritual leaders re- linquish their mantel, some- one must pick it up and keep going. Most people are like Isaiah. They wait to see if someone else will step up to the plate. Isaiah heard the voice of God asking, "who will I send, who will go for me." All Isaiah heard was si- lence. He considered himself but thought, who am I? I am a sinner and I dwell amongst sinners. Yet he stepped into the void and said, "I will go, send me! " and God sent him to the nation. There are thousands of Clyde Dupins in ministry, soon to relinquish their man- tle to someone else and take their rest in Christ for a job well done. It is never a ques- tion of am I adequate or up to the calling? God equips whom he calls. It is a ques- tion of do you hear God call- ing and will you say yes? The torch is being passed. What is God calling you to do? CHURCH scheduled month worship to us. FREE CHURCH with haven't schedule school morn- a.m.; Sunday at 6 prayer Wednesday potty teen also an Wednesday pro- chil- Wednes- Lord. Sun- words how cha- into the things Life God, King- righteous- will (Matthew add- our passes all con- River church -3344 or Road PETERSBURG CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 118 West Pike Ave. Church 812-354-8851 Service times: Sunday at 10 :30 a.m. Praise and Worship service; 6 p.m. Bible study; Teen activities; Wednesday at 6 p.m. Bible study. Sunday morning service is available via transmitter. Pull in to the church parking lot and tune your radio to 104.3 FM and hear the service from the comfort of your car. Sunday morning services are available on our Facebook page—Petersburg Church of the Nazarene or look for us on YouTube. Visit our website for additional information. We want to be a church meeting the needs of our com- munity. If the church can be of assistance to you, contact us at WINSLOW NAZARENE CHURCH 106 W. Washington St. Winslow 989-941-7190 Love, Care, Serve, Share Sunday morning service at 10 :30 a.m. Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are welcome to connect with our church either in per- son or online. Facebook: Winslow Church of the Nazarene. YouTube: Winslow Nazarene. Website: Irene's Food Pantry: Every third Saturday from 10 -11:30 a.m. Hope to see you soon. Corinna Williams, Reporter We hope you will join us Sunday as we celebrate our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Steve Hamilton, Pastor HOUSE OF MERCY CHURCH Corner of East and Porter Winslow Pastor 812-789-5229 A Church with open arms and a loving heart. Sunday morning service 10 :15 a.m. and Sunday school at 11 a.m. You can view our morning service on Facebook live, around 11 a.m. As we see these pestilenc- es Covid-19 and now Omicron around us affecting our fam- ilies, friends, and neighbors, we should be checking our re- lationship with Jesus and our "faith" in the finished work at the cross of calvary. Keeping our eyes on the Eastern for the hour is drawing nigh. If you know the Word of God, you know that this is not hype, but the truth of Almighty God, sent to earth through the Ho- ly Spirit to inspire men to pen the words of the Bible. Are you ready ? Check your heart. Remember to pray for the sick, those in hospitals, in nursing homes and any that are downtrodden by life. May we be about the Mas- ter's business. Lift up in prayer your pres- ident, U.S. Congress, your state and local government of- ficials, as the Bible states that we might live a peaceful life. May your week be blessed and your journey's safe. George Bruce, Jr., Pastor OAKLAND CITY FIRST PENTECOST Hwy. 64 East Sunday morning service 9:30 a.m. with children's Sun- day school during the minis- try of the Word; Wednesday and Sunday evening services are at 6 p.m. All services are CST (Gibson Co. times). We ask for your prayers as our congregation has been un- der a physical attack. When God moves, so does the enemy, in an effort to stop that move of God. Thought for this week: "If all we have is religion, we don't have anything anyone would want." Be blessed and stay healthy. We are in the last of the last days. Ron Vickers, Pastor Elaine Young, Reporter, 812-749 -1122 (leave a mes- sage). MAIN STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 10th and Main Streets, Petersburg 812-354-6844 Sunday worship 10 :30 a.m. Come visit us, our doors are always open to you. Providing Proof If we are to accept the teach- ing of Jesus at all, then the on- ly test of the reality of a man's religion is his attitude to his fellow men. The only possible proof that a man loves God is the demonstrated fact that he loves his fellow men. Office hours: 9 a.m.-noon, Monday-Friday. Amy Melhiser, Secretary OTWELL WESLEYAN CHURCH 2277 N. Mechanics Street Otwell Pastor 812.354.3028 Sunday school at 9:30 a.m.; morning worship at 10 :30 a.m.; 6:30 p.m. Sunday eve- ning worship service. Fifth Sunday sing at the Otwell U.M. church, Sunday, January 30 at 6:30 p.m. Hope and Confidence in God Regardless of the many per- sonal problems, political prob- lems and COVID, God is still in control. This world is filled with troubles, hardship and pain that sometimes seem to be without solution. However, with Jesus as our anchor, we have every reason to hope and believe for things in life to get better. In times of unimaginable hardship and pain, even when you can't sense His presence, God is there. So keep on praying and be- lieving, and one day, your bur- dens will lift, and it will be as a beautiful spring day; with the sun shining, the flowers blooming and the birds sing- ing. Perhaps, with the realiza- tion that God has seen you through yet another storm, you will say, "I knew I could count on you, Father, thank you, it's a pretty good world after all"—Amen. We invite all of you to come and worship with us. Roy Stilwell, Pastor Pam Lemond, Reporter SPURGEON UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 11505 N. Hwy. 61 Spurgeon Pastor Cell 812-202- 8903 or church office 812-922-8215 Church service 9 a.m.; Fri- day Bible study at 1 p.m. Reading from Romans 5:18: Consequently, just as one tres- pass resulted in condemna- tion for all people, so also one righteous act resulted in justi- fication and life for all people. "Through His death on the cross, Jesus offers eternal life to anyone who puts their faith in Him. If you haven't received His forgiveness and salvation, may you do so today. If you're already a believer, praise Him for what He's done by His great act of love" —Mar- vin Williams. What do the single acts of Adam and Jesus tell you about the impact of sin? How does Jesus' sacrifice ignite or re- new your desire to live a life that honors Him? "God, thank You for provid- ing salvation and eternal life through Jesus. Help me to re- veal Your saying way to oth- ers"—Amen. Josh Sanders, Pastor Sherry Julian, Reporter Get your news anytime, even when you are on the GO !

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