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Young at Heart OCTOBER Final 2021

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M o v e t o D o m i n i c a n O a k s a n d e x p e r i e n c e l i f e w i t h o u t c o n c e r n f o r l i f e ' s d a i l y c h o r e s . W e p r o v i d e y o u 3 h o m e c o o k e d m e a l s a d a y , w e e k l y h o u s e k e e p i n g , a c c e s s t o a c t i v i t i e s a n d e x e r c i s e c l a s s e s a n d l o c a l t r a n s p o r t a t i o n . S p e n d y o u r t i m e d o i n g w h a t y o u w a n t t o d o a n d n o t w h a t y o u h a v e t o . Lic# 440708773 A part of Dignity Health and Dominican Hospital C A L L U S A T 8 3 1 . 4 6 2 . 6 2 5 7 F O R A S A F E G U I D E D T O U R Elderday Adult Day Health Care Lift Line Senior Center Without Limits Learn more at / Obtenga más información en www.CommunityBridges.org or call/ o llame (831) 688-8840 Day services for adults with complex medical conditions Servicios de dia para adultos con condiciones médicas complejas Transportation to medical appointments Transporte a citas médicas Online classes and workshops Clases y talleres virtuales October 2021 edition Special Advertising Supplement to the Santa Cruz Sentinel Volunteer Drivers Needed for Seniors Seniors Helping Seniors, for Jim Kinney, it's "All Fun" By Volunteer Center For most individuals get- ting to a medical or dental appointment, the grocery store, or bank is as simple as jumping in the car or on the local bus. But for some in the community, it is impossible due to disabili- ty, declining health, or the rigors of aging. For over 40 years, the Volunteer Center Transportation Pro- gram has served to address the needs of ambulatory seniors and the disabled by offering volunteer-pow- ered rides throughout Santa Cruz County. Jim Kinney started giving his time driving for seniors 3 years ago after volunteering with the Center's Helping Hands Senior Home Repair Pro- gram for over 10 years. He wanted to do more and says he simply "enjoys people". "I'm a retired insurance agent and when I got to see people in their homes, I could see a lot of them needed help," Kinney states. "That inspired me to start volunteering when I was still working at Allstate and I have kept at it." Kinney first started volunteering at Kiwanis Club in 1974 and says becoming involved in the Club really opened his eyes to the need for volunteers. He is now the President of the Santa Cruz Club and that keeps him busy along with swimming and working out and volunteering with the Transportation and Helping Hands Programs. Because Jim himself is also a senior, his volunteer work is part of the Volunteer Cen- ter's RSVP program, or AmeriCorps Seniors, as its now called. Not everyone needs to be a superstar volunteer like Kinney. Any volunteer time given makes a big difference and studies show time and again that volunteering helps to improve physical and mental health. What Kinney loves most about volunteering with the Transportation Program, besides the people and how it makes him feel, is the flexibility of the program. "You can pick and choose what rides you want to take," Kinney says. "I don't take rides at 9 am because I work out every day at that time." He says the seniors he gives rides to are very appreciative. "I'm just really enjoy- ing it and I love talking to people," he says. "I wouldn't do it if it wasn't fun. I love driving, and as long as I have my health, I'll probably volunteer for another 10 years." Join Kinney and learn about becoming a volun- teer driver! Visit the Volunteer Center's website to learn more here: https:// scvolunteercenter.org/ Young at Heart Young at Heart In Santa Cruz County The photo is of Jim Kinney, Transportation, Helping Hands and RSVP Volunteer. Photo credit: Trēa Robinson. programs/transporta- tion-program/ Email: Transportation@ scvolunteercenter.org Or call: (831) 427-3435 It's that time of year again By Beth Powanda. Medicare Annual Enroll- ment Period, which runs Oct. 15th through Dec. 7th. It is a time for Medicare Beneficiaries to review their coverage and make changes to their health plans for the coming year. If you've ever watched cable television during this period, you've prob- ably noticed a bounty of commercials for Medicare Advantage plans. Some of these TV ads feature celebrity spokespeople touting the plans' benefits. This deluge of advertising is often confusing and misleading because the plans they are promoting are not necessarily avail- able in our county. I know from talking with my own clients, which leaves them feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with too much information. As an independent health insurance broker special- izing in Medicare health plans, I work with several private health insurance carriers directly. My fee is paid by the health plan that you choose, so there is no cost to you for my services. The benefit of working with someone like me, as opposed to an operator in a call center, is that I live here in the community with you and know the carriers and plans specific to our area and I am familiar with the local doctor networks and pharmacies. I will meet with you one-on-one and provide you with special- ized guidance to help you understand the com- plex world of Medicare Insurance and the options available so you can make the decision that is right for you. For many, the pandemic has brought on lifestyle changes, such as retiring or moving to be closer to family. Others are simply more keenly aware of how much health care costs and are concerned about being caught without the right plan should they get sick. If you are turning 65 and are new to Medicare, below are some answers Continued on page 2

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