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Page 2 October 2021 HSPA Board of Directors HSPA Foundation Board Members Alan Achkar, South Bend Tribune Bill Hackney, e La Porte County Herald-Dispatch (Michigan City) and e Rochester Sentinel Don Hurd, Hoosier Media Group Gillian Kelk, Sullivan Daily Times Brenda McLane, Hometown Media Group Mark Miller, e News-Banner (Bluon) Kathy Tretter, Ferdinand News and Spencer County Leader (Rockport) HSPA Board Members Nathan Feltman, Indianapolis Business Journal Bud Hunt, AIM Media Indiana Beverly Joyce, CNHI Curt Kovener, e Crothersville Times Robert Shegog, Indianapolis Recorder Scott Stanford, Fort Wayne Newspapers Chris White, e Times Media Co. HSPA Board of Directors HSPA Officers President: Larry Hensley, e Hoosier Times HSPA Foundation Board of Directors HSPA Foundation Officers President: Robyn McCloskey, CNHI HSPA Staff Steve Key, executive director, general counsel (317) 624-4427 Pamela Lego, advertising director (812) 350-7711 Shawn Goldsby, statewide advertising manager (317) 803-4772 Ruth Witmer, communications specialist (317) 624-4430 Studies, the bill would allow a newspaper a 50 percent tax credit for a reporter's salary up to $50,000 for the first year. That would be a $25,000 tax credit. For the following four years, the newspaper could claim a credit of 30 percent for that reporter – a $15,000 credit. There may be a hurdle to eligibility for the tax credit that may be too high for the smaller newspaper operations. Language under consideration would require a newspaper to carry "media liability insur- ance." I know many small newspaper operations forego libel insurance policies due to the premium costs. If the insurance require- ment remains a part of the bill, publishers will have to do some cost-benefit analysis to see whether the cost of the insurance policy is offset by the tax credit that could be gained. Due to the fluid nature of negotiations on the rec- onciliation bill, there's no way to handicap the chances that the local Journalism Sustainability Act will become law. The provisions for an advertising tax credit and subscriber tax credit remain alive as a separate bill. Tonda Rush, director, pub- lic policy & general counsel for the National Newspaper Association would only say NNA continues to work toward enactment of LJSA and is hopeful that the payroll tax credit will see Congressional action this fall. On another federal front, the News Media Alliance appears focused on the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA). The bill hopes to open the door for the newspaper industry to negotiate fair compensation from Google and Facebook for content created by jour- nalists that the tech giants use to garner huge advertising rewards. The behemoths' ad tech tax takes 50 to 70 percent of every ad dollar from news publishers while hiring zero reporters, according to the News Media Alliance. JCPA would enable pub- lishers to collectively negoti- ate with Big Tech without running afoul of antitrust laws. News Media Alliance believes this would return billions of dollars of earned subscription and advertising back to the newspapers that produce journalism. The goal would be evenly distributed revenue to small and local papers that reflect investments into journal- ism staffing. The legislation would not only help support the current 8,780 Indiana reporters and newsroom staffs, but allow publishers to increase staffing, according to the Alliance. "Local papers could hire more reporters if Google and Facebook paid for the qual- ity journalism that fuels their platforms and profits," said David Chavern, president and chief executive officer of News Media Alliance. JCPA is a bipartisan bill sponsored by Sens. Amy Klobuchar, D-MN, and John Kennedy, R-LA; and Reps. David Cicilline, D-RI, and Ken Buck, R-CO. Due to the fluid nature of negotia- tions on the reconciliation bill, there's no way to handicap the chances that the local Journalism Sustainability Act will become law. Key Points Continued from Page 1 e Indiana Publisher is published monthly by the Hoosier State Press Association, 429 E. Vermont St. #206 Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 The deadline for filing your Periodicals Class Statement of Ownership, Form 3526, with the Post Office is approaching. You may obtain the neces- sary form from your local post office or from the United States Postal Service's Web site, www. The deadline for publishing your notice in your newspaper depends on your frequency of publication: Deadline for dai- lies was Oct. 1 For weeklies, the deadline is Oct. 31. While you have these forms at hand, please email a copy to HSPA for use in verifying your circulation for HSPA membership eligibility, contest eligibility and HSPA directory information. Email can be sent to HSPA recommends you take into consideration the ability to include digital subscriptions as part of your circulation. NOTE: The publication requirement applies to all paid-circulation newspapers, regardless of whether you use independent carrier or postal delivery. This is a requirement to maintain your periodicals mail permit from the USPS. Maintaining your periodicals permit is necessary to con- tinue your eligibility to carry public notice advertising under Indiana law. Notice: Deadline for weeklies to file, publish, copy to HSPA your USPS Statements of Ownership is Oct. 31

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